Friday, May 28, 2010

The Kitchen Family's 1st Cloth Diaper

The very first cloth diaper I used was a standard, 4x6x4, unbleached prefold. I folded it in thirds and laid it inside a medium Thirsties diaper cover. My daughter was a petite 18 month old at about 20 lbs. We chose these diapers for a few different reasons:

1) Prefolds are inexpensive.
2) Thirsties Covers are the #1 rated cover on
3) The standard prefolds would be less bulky on my petite toddler than premium prefolds.
4) She was not a heavy wetter.
5) The medium cover was roomy enough to last her until potty training.

It also had to be easy for my doubting husband. I accomplished this by having the prefolds folded in thirds ready to go in the covers for him. The system worked well for us and we still use the same prefolds and covers on my second child!


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