Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet Pea One Size Diaper

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I stock quite a few brands of pocket diapers, and sometimes you have to wonder what makes one pocket diaper stand out from the rest. What feature makes the Sweet Pea pocket diaper worth stocking when I have others? This diaper has become commonly reached for diaper at night for us, and I do own more than one (which says something about a diaper when I bother to buy a second after I product test with the first and Braden has enough diapers to diaper triplets for a week without washing).

The Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper is a one size diaper. While I have not actually tested it on a newborn, or not necessarily recommend it on a newborn, babies are not that tiny for long, so even if it doesn't fit on that first diaper change, or even for the first couple of weeks, this pocket is an incredible value for money. If you are looking for a pocket to last through to potty training then this one will fit the bill for most babies. Braden at 35 pounds still has room to grow in it.

This pocket closes with snaps, and while my husband is not a fan of snaps, he has managed to put this one on Braden with success. Snaps are far more durable than hook and loop and will not need replacing. There is two rows of closing snap. I really like the way this diaper fits. Even when stuffed with two G-Flappers for night time, it is still trim looking. It has a good rise on it and a decent size pocket which allows for it to be stuffed for night time. Stuffed for day time use, it is a trim diaper.

So what makes this unique? Well it has a feature that I like about the Thirsties DUO Pocket diaper, and that is the fact that has openings at each end for the stuffers, and inserts will work their way out in the wash, so you do not need to unstuff this pocket before washing. While I love the Thirsties DUO Pocket Diaper for night time, it is only available with hook and loop closures, so when someone tells me they love the idea of the Thirsties DUO Pocket, but do not want hook and loop, I point them in the direction of the Sweet Pea Pocket. The other advantage this diaper has over the Thirsties DUO is that it is one size, not split into two diaper sizes. So this diaper will go all the way through from birth to training. I have however tested Size 1 Thirsties DUO Pockets on newborns and I know they do work from around 6 pounds. This diaper does say it will fit from 8 pounds though, which covers a lot of newborns. It has 4 size settings, which is more than some other brands.

What else do I like? This diaper comes in a colour not commonly seen in other brands. Yes it has the standard blues and greens, but it also had BLACK! While black on babies is not for everyone, for those who like it, this is one of the few brands that offers it.

The other thing that makes this diaper great value for money is the inserts. While most pockets at this price point of $18.95 offer two inserts, in general they are just microfiber. This diaper comes with a microfiber insert and a hemp insert. These two fabrics work great together, and for many babies these inserts would be sufficient for lasting the night. For those that need more, just add an all bamboo G-Flapper and you will find that will do most heavy wetters.

So when looking for a one size pocket, be sure to consider the Sweet Pea One Size Pocket. With its snap closures, no touch insert removal, and hemp and microfiber inserts, its great value for money.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My First Friend

Little Joe
Every baby needs a friend, The Friendly Pacifier™ is the new “must-have” in pacifiers. This patent pending concept combines a soothing pacifier with a plush toy to maximize security and comfort for baby helping her calmly discover the world around her.

Little Kate
Having one of the cutest little animal faces combined with the silky softness of fleece and satin is just what any baby would want.  The great attributes of this new plush toy are:
Calms a fussy baby for longer periods of time and promotes self-soothing.  
Offers a temporary distraction while boosting a baby’s motor skills. 
No longer have to search, dig or reach for dropped pacifiers.
These are a must have for you and your little one and a perfect gift for that upcoming baby shower.Our little friends Kate, Jack, Joe, Lex, Louie and Annie are just waiting to come play with you.
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