Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is up with all the crazy prints?

Happy Columbus Day!

This is going to be a short blog post today as we have had a spell of simply amazing weather here in Minnesota...upper 80s every single day and sunny, gorgeous blue skies. The weather has been so spectacular it ALMOST makes us forget the unfortunate showing by our still much loved Twins. However, the downside of this glorious weather has been that very little work has gotten done. Oh, well, we have a long cold winter to catch up.

I wanted to write today about prints. Prints have become the new hot thing in cloth diapers. bumGenius recently introduced a new line of prints, the Little Socialite Collection within their Artist Series. They have received mixed reviews. The names, like all the bumGenius color names lately, are a little too much. Jet Set? Concrete Jungle? Eiffel Tower? Yikes!!! A lot of fans of bumGenius on Facebook really were very vocal in their dislike of these prints. Personally, I love them. I really, really do. I like bold styles and these are definitely fierce. Even more than that, I like the fact that they took a chance. I am so tired of the little bunnies and teddy bears on diapers. I am strong person and I am raising three strong, kind, independent little boys. Why dress them like kittens?

However, these are art, really and truly. Like all things artistic, they will appeal to some and not others. We all have different tastes and gravitate towards a different aesthetic from each other. I think it is rather cool that diapers are starting to enter this realm. If we are going to spend so much of our lives changing them and washing them and wearing them, why not make them fun and have them make a bit of a statement?

Happy Heiny's has also unleashed new prints in the last month. I LOVE the tie dye. Am a little lukewarm on the Oooga Booga but think the Groovy Circles are DIVINE! They have a couple new ones coming out....Owls which I suppose are seasonally appropriate and skulls that glow in the dark. Happy Halloween everyone! I kinda think Glow in the Dark doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a baby unless it helps with middle of the night diaper changes. However, if they make their wonderful trainers in glow in the dark material I will be first in line!

Lots of other manufacturers are doing prints including Thirsties, Gro-Via and Kissaluvs. It clearly has become the new way to differentiate diapers and I think it is fun. So, what do you think? Do you like all the new prints or are you more old school and prefer the pastel solids and bunnies? How do you feel about bumGenius' Artist Series? Is it a fun next step in the evolution of cloth diapers or have they gone too far?

Of course, we need to do a Giveaway. In honor of the prints focus of this small little note, we would like to giveaway one of our absolute favorite prints of all. The Kissaluv Marvel in Zoo Blue (however, if you would prefer Mocha Swirl or Two Hoots, we can do that). There are many ways to enter and each one will result in a separate entry. Entries must be received by October 26, 2010.
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