Tuesday, April 10, 2012

$200 a Month on Baby Skin Care Products....Really?

Last week I read this article in the New York Times and was rather blown away by the numbers it suggested. According to Starting Early, and Young, some families spend $150-$200 and up A MONTH on skin care products for their babies and toddlers. Wow. That is a LOT of money.

I definitely understand the motivation behind these purchases. As we learn more and more about the harmful effects chemicals have on our bodies and environment, using all natural products makes the most sense. Especially when we are talking about our young babies and toddlers and their super sensitive skin. Natural products, perversely, tend to cost more as for reasons that defy logic, natural products cost more than chemical/manufactured products. Anyone who has ever shopped the organic produce section of the grocery store can attest to that.

I also understand parents becoming obsessive about certain baby products and stocking up and wanting to try all sorts of different brands and lines. Certainly, any one of us with a large stash of fluff gets that. However, $200/month?

At Cottontail Baby, we sell Northern Essence products. In fact, the Northern Essence line is one of our top sellers (right up there with Happy Heiny's trainers, Fussybutt Mamacloth and Best Bottom diapers). Northern Essence diaper products all are cloth diaper safe and all natural (no petroleum, zinc or lanolin). Even better, the price point for Northern Essence products are a very reasonable $8-10 and nowhere near the $20 plus other product lines are charging. You would need to go through about a tube a day to rack up the $200 bills families are spending on the other products.

The top three Northern Essence products being snapped up by our customers are the Diaper Rash Salve, Better Butt(er) Cream and Natural Wipe Concentrate. We have just started offering a Starter Pack including one of each of these products for a bargain $25.75.

Have you tried Northern Essence products? Are you a fan? Let us know about what baby products you use and why. Enter below (click on that tiny little Rafflecopter link) and win a jar of Better Butt(er) Cream!


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