Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review of Fresh Moon Mama Pads & a Giveaway!!

Hey there mamas!! I'm Christy with Gorgeous and Green. Back for "my time" of the month to talk about just that. When I started cloth diapering, I at first didn't even think about doing the same sort of thing for myself. Then a couple of months later I started reading all these posts on different forums about mamas using cloth pads and even the Diva Cup. It took me a LONG time to wrap my head around the thought of washing my monthly necessities but I finally did it!

I started off using Happy Heiny's mama pads and they worked very well. Then I decided to get a couple of these new ones I'd started carrying to test them out and they were even better! They're Fresh Moon pads and they are SO super soft and absorbent! They stay in place very well, much to my surprise, and clean up nicely too.

Fresh Moon offers several different fabric combinations and sizes to accomadate your lightest or heaviest days. They also have their Elegance line that come in an elegant black color and with a top layer of organic Bamboo Velour.

I'm still not sure that I will ever be able to get myself to use a Diva Cup, but I feel much better knowing that I'm helping out the Earth by reusing my pads. Now when "my time" is upon me I have one thing to look forward to - the softness of Bamboo and no thick bulky pads!

Now you have something to look forward to - your chance to win two different sizes and fabrics of Fresh Moon pads of your choice! Please be patient as I'm waiting for my shipment to arrive so my site shows "out of stock". I expect them any day now!

Here's the list of ways to enter:

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4) Giveaway will run until August 7th at 11:59pm. After that a winner will be chosen via and entries will be checked to be sure they are valid.

Have a fantastic day!
Christy, Gorgeous and Green

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gro Via for the first time

Gro Via diapering system is a one size cover with a snap in soaker. The touch tape fabric and innovative laundry loop were the wonderful features that jumped right out at me when I first saw this diaper. Then I opened the diaper and WOW the snap in soaker was plush and the elastic running along the sides was absolutely fantastic. My first impressions were above and beyond what I expected.

Let’s break down this hybrid diaper starting with the shell or cover for us old timers. The Gro Via shell is a one size shell covering from infant to potty learning. Simply snap down the front of the shell to give your baby the perfect fit. The shells come in a wide variety of colors and some of the cutest prints around. The wide loop fabric at the waist allows for a customized fit - angle the tabs down to narrow in the waist or angle them up to narrow up the legs.

Now on to the snap in Organic Cotton Soaker. You want to talk about fluff and design you will find both in these soakers. The best part is they are organic to boot. The snap in feature keeps the soaker right where it belongs so there is no shifting while on baby regardless of how rough baby plays. Gro Via put a touch of elastic in the leg portion of the soaker to better contain anything the baby can put out. The elastic helps keep the poop in the soaker and off the shell so you can use the shell again and again.

For those babies that like to hold things in for awhile and then let it all out at once you can add on Boosters in either organic cotton or a stay dry option if you prefer. The organic option adds three thirsty layers of absorbency and the stay dry also has three layers of absorbency with a fleece topper.

Come on over to Snuggle Hugs and have a peek at them. While you’re there check out the Magic Stick diaper ointment and the Bio-liners that are flushable.

All in all I was very impressed with this diaper and I believe you will be too. The best part is they are on sale right now, giving you the opportunity to try out a great new diapering system at a discount.

Thanks for reading,
Christine of Snuggle Hugs LLC

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Picks for Newborn Diapers & Giveaway (Closed)

Congratulations to Madeline Miller!
You are the winner of the lil Joey 2-pack giveaway!!

Hi! This is LeAnn from Giggle Britches. I am anxiously expecting the birth of my third daughter due in November! I can't wait to use my newborn "fluff" again! If you want to cloth diaper your baby right from the very beginning, it is a good idea to invest in a newborn stash. Many of the popular "one-size" options out there don't fit newborns well. What do I suggest? Here are my top picks for your itty bitty babe:

1) Prefolds with Thirsties Duo Wraps, Size One (6-18lbs) - Newborn babies and young infants use up to 12 diapers a day! There is no more economical way to cloth diaper your tiny baby than using prefold diapers. You can fold them down to the exact size needed, and prefolds are very absorbent. The Thirsties Duo makes the perfect compliment to the prefold. The leg gussets keep in any messes that may escape the prefold. It is even smaller than many x-small covers out there, with the advantage of growing with your baby!

2) Kissaluvs 0's (5-15lbs) - The thick terry pile of the KL0's make it a perfect diaper for stopping those newborn poops in their tracks! The size o snaps down in the front to help keep the diaper away from baby's healing cord stump. They are more pricey than prefolds, but do a better job of keeping messes in the diaper and off the cover.

3) Lil Joey (4-12lbs) - This diaper is a special all-in-one designed with the intent to fit babies before a one-size option will work. The Lil Joey also snaps down in the front to protect baby's healing cord stump. This diaper has leg gussets which contain messes really well. It is also a great choice for parents looking for a one step diaper change. It will even fit your preemie!

Are you building your newborn stash? Giggle Britches can help! I am giving away one Lil Joey 2-pack in a gender neutral color!! Read on to learn how to enter. Hurry, giveaway ends 8/10/10!
Mandatory Entry
(1 entry) Tell me what your favorite newborn cloth diaper is (or one you want to try) and why.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sprout Shell helps you save + Giveaway

Have you ever gone looking at ALL the stuff you are ‘suppose’ to get for you and your baby before it’s born? No wonder gift registries are 4 pages long.

Here at Snuggle Hugs we found a great little something that will reduce four of the ‘need’ items into just one item. You can’t get much better then that on your pocket book, your space in the diaper bag or your house for that matter. 

Sprout Shells combine four of the basic needs into one stylish item. Think about it you only need to grab one item when you leave the house instead of four.

With a Sprout Shell you get an infant car seat cover, nursing cover, high chair cover and shopping cart cover all rolled in to one. The money you save is icing on the cake so to speak. You get to use your Sprout Shell from birth thru toddlerhood.

With all the colors and patterns you are sure to find one that fits your fashion tastes.

Now for the best part you get to win one Sprout Shell all you need to tell me is boy, girl or gender neutral and I will send one.  Giveaway will be drawn on 7/25/2010
Here are the rules:
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Extra Entry options
3) Follow me on Twitter = 1 entry
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That’s it so many ways to get some extra entry points, good luck!

Christine of Snuggle Hugs LLC

Winner of the Sprout Shell was Mini MNM, Congrats!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Aubrey's Undies #1- Happy Heiny's Pocket Trainers

...Training Undies That Is!
At Moms and Bums we make a point of trying to test out each product we carry on our three little Guinea Pigs. Aubrey was our original diaper tester, and has now moved on to the position of trainer tester! Aubrey is a very head strong 2 year old, and has taken longer to learn to use a potty than her older sister Kiera did. Why you might be asking was it so difficult for her to learn? Well the real issue was that she really likes her cloth diapers! She would tell you which one she was going to wear, and she had flower ones, and cow ones and and pink prints... her diapers were fun! In her eyes they were much nicer than the plain under wear Kiera had- even if Kiera's did have Dora on them. So we knew it was time to find her some fancy undies!
We had ordered in trainers for customers before, but didn't really keep them in stock because we hadn't had anyone we could test them on until now.
We started off with some Happy Heiny's Pocket Trainers with snaps.
First a bit of info about Happy Heiny's and what makes them different than other trainers on the market:
First they were redesigned with your busy toddler in mind! Snaps can be added for ease in messy clean ups and to make stuffing easier. Snaps can be added to one side, both sides or the side can be sewn shut for older bed wetters.
Happy Heiny's have an elastic waistband making them easy for your little one to pull up and down on their own. This is also good for older children with bed wetting issues. Quick on and off. Like their diapers, the inner lining is custom milled fleece for a more stay dry feeling and the outer layer is PUL to hold in wetness. The pocket opening allows you to add as much stuffing as you need, so even the heaviest wetter still has protection overnight.
Happy Heinys Trainers have been child tested and last 12+ hours overnight with absolutely no wicking for most children. Happy Heinys® Trainers are available in a variety of solid colors. They have a 100% poly laminated outer layer and work wonderfully for potty learners who still need protection overnight.
I will add a word of caution here- do not buy any trainers that are the same pattern as those they have for diapers- Aubrey's favorite diaper was her Happy Heiny's cow print, her "Cow Diper" (she has since learned how to pronounce diaper), so silly me thought she would also love having undies the same print... boy was I wrong! She took one look at what I thought was going to be her favorite new undies and exclaimed "that's a diper!", and wouldn't even try them on.
My second word of caution: don't buy patterns the same as their siblings diapers! I absolutely love monkey prints, so of course picked a silly monkey print OS for Gabriel and a silly monkey print trainer for Aubrey, only for her to exclaim "That's Gabriel's diper", and again wouldn't even try it on.
So, Aubrey and I took a little walk into our store room and I pulled out all the prints in her size and let her pick the one she wanted. She chose the Pink Hibiscus print. There are some theories on potty learning/training that suggest you even let the child pick out their own seat. We have not taken things that far, but allowing her to choose her own "undies" assured that she would want to wear them. In fact she was quite disappointed when she had to wait for her new undies to be washed first.
Once her new undies had been washed and she was able to wear them, we gave her quite simple instructions "don't pee pee in your new undies". Aubrey was just starting the learning process at this point, she knew when she was wet and wanted a "bum change", but hadn't needed to know before she went until now. About half an hour later, Aubrey shouted out "Oh no, my undies, mommy pee peed, bum change". Aubrey quickly learned that her Happy Heiny's were waterproof and were just like her "dipers", thus we have since reserved them for car trips, overnight and nap time.
We found the fit of the Happy Heiny's to be a bit puffy, which was perfect for adding that extra hemp insert for overnight! Aubrey really didn't notice or care about the puffiness, and her clothes fit over them just as well as her regular cloth diapers. We loved the side snaps in the beginning when there were still poop accidents as it made clean up much easier. Aubrey was able to pull up her new "dipers" herself which made her feel like a big girl- just like her big sister.
Our recommendations for Happy Heiny's Trainers: Overnight protection for older bed wetters, nap time protection and all day protection for the toddlers who are just beginning the learning process and will still require a waterproof layer. For a heavy wetter overnight we recommend a layer of microterry followed by a layer of hemp.
All our Happy Heiny's Trainers are sold with a Happy Heiny's Large MicroTerry insert, so there is no need to purchase anything extra, just wash and start that potty learning process!
Stay tuned for our next edition of Aubrey's Undies... Still to come: Bummis, Little Beetle and Imse Vimse.
Want to win a Happy Heiny's Pocket Trainer of your own? Visit us on Facebook to find out how!

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