Friday, April 15, 2011

A few fun new products...

I've had a chance to try out a few new products lately here at The Green Baby Store. And to my surprise I really liked all of them! Here are a couple of my new favorite products:

The Charlie Banana Traning Pants. These are fantastic! They are super trim, and fit only slightly thicker than regular undies. They are organic cotton with a hidden PUL layer, so they are waterproof, comfortable, absorbant and oh so trim. I tried them on both my 35 pound 3 1/2 year old daughter (the second picture)--who is already potty trained but agreed to be a model for them--and on my 26 pound, 17 month old son (this first picture). They fit both kids well with a little bit more room to grow. I would put the weight range on these at 20-40 pounds; however, as with most diapering products fit can vary based on baby's shape as well. I only washed the training pants once before trying them out on my son and they worked great. He wore them for about two hours like a diaper under pants, and they held everything in. His clothing stayed dry and his skin felt dry to the touch after removing the wet trainer. He has worn them a little more after additional washes and they have become more absorbant and haven't leaked at all for us. We love this new trainer for daytime use on all toddlers, but it may not be aborbant enough to heavy wetters to wear to bed. The only other downfall is that the leg elastics are a little on the small side, so if your child is at the top of the weight range and has thicker thighs the trainers may be too tight around the thighs for him or her.

Another new product we have from Charlie Banana are the swim diapers. Just like the trainers they are super trim and fit great under bathing suits. But they are cute enough to wear without a suit too! They come in small, medium and large and each suit has a drawstring waistband (hidden inside the diaper) to make sure you get the perfect fit everytime.

The inside of the swim diaper is lined with a light weight cotton fabric making it more comfortable for baby then an unlined PUL diaper. What makes this swim diaper even more exciting is it has a small sewn in soaker. Just enough to protect your lap during those preswimming moments when baby is changed and ready to go but hasn't gotten wet yet. The absorbant strip helps keep accidents contained to the diaper and not dripping down their legs onto the pool deck or your lap. The absorbant strip is thin enough that it won't weigh down the diaper when wet. I can't wait for our weather to warm up so we can try these out in the pool, the bathtub trial wasn't nearly as fun.

And finally we are exciting to be carrying the itti bitti tutto one-size diaper. These are true luxury diapers for your little one. The itti bittis are super soft, squishy, luxurious diapers. They come with a set of three different organic soaker pads that you can snap in to customize absorbancy for your little one. The two larger pads are both topped with a stay-dry layer to keep wetness off of baby's skin, something rare in organic inserts. The diaper has a waterproof outer topped with wonderfully soft minky fabric. And the minky stays soft wash after wash. The diaper can used as an all-in-one with snap in soaker that does not need to be removed for washing, or as a hybrid system. You can purchase editional soaker pad sets and reuse the shell a few times, or you can match the shell with any brand of disposible inserts. This diaper will make you want to cuddle your baby in your lap all day long.

We are celebrating Earth Day all month long with a different sale each week. See our homepage and facebook pages for more details. And don't forget to order the special edition Charlie Banana and Fuzzibunz one-size diapers to show your support of our great planet.

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Thanks for reading!

Melissa, Owner of The Green Baby Store

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Spray Or Not To Spray.. That Is The Question!

Are your cloth wipes getting the most bang for their buck? Perhaps you are a bit intimidated by the little cloth wonders or don't know what to use with them. Let me be the first to recommend trying some spray solution with your wipes. There are some great benefits to using cloth wipes and a spray solution as well.

If you are already a cloth diaper user, you already have a system in place to store dirty diapers and launder them. Usually you have a wet bag for travel and a dry pail or hanging pail at home. When you use cloth wipes you can save a large amount of money over time since you do not have to keep buying disposable wipes. Also, since you already have your cloth diapering system in place all you have to do is put the dirty wipes in your pail and launder them with your diapers.

Some people prefer to use just plain water or essential oils with water as their wipe solution. I truly love using a spray solution with my cloth wipes. First, it travels well. Stick it in the diaper bag and you're good to go! Second, it's easy! It's right there on the changing table ready for use. I just spritz it on baby, wipe, and then throw the cloth wipes in with my cloth diapers to be washed. Very easy and extremely affordable! No more trips to the grocery to pick up more wipes!

Happy Heinys makes a nice organic wipe solution. The solution is derived from plants and is completely safe for baby's skin. Available in 8 oz amounts for your changing table and 4 oz for your diaper bag!

Thirsties also has a 4 oz and 8 oz wipe solution called Thirsties Booty Luster. This solution is non-irritating and 100% biodegradable. The luster is blended by hand in small batches and cleans, moisturizes, and helps protect against diaper rash.

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