Monday, May 16, 2011

We're 4 months old now! Duo Fitted and GIVEAWAY!

Hi! I'm Bayla from Soft and Cozy Baby in Baltimore, MD. I wrote about my Newborn Picks in February and now my baby Netanel is 4 months old already!

Wow! Babies grow so fast! And with them, their diapers! It's so sad that I have to start putting away my adorable newborn diapers. Some still barely fit - like the Kissaluvs 0 and the Thirsties XS. But we've basically moved into smalls otherwise. bumGenius AIO smalls (hand-me-downs from my older son as they dont make them anymore), Thirsties Duos and One-Size diapers. We've also upgraded to Bummis and Thirsties small wraps. And my favorite, once again, is Thirsties duos. We use the Duo Fitteds, Duo wraps, and Duo diapers. I know this topic has been discussed before but this is what I'm excited about now!

I have the original Thirsties fab fitteds from my older son and the Duo fab fitteds are much better! Besides the adjustability which allows them to grow from 6-18 lb, they also have a second liner which increases absorbancy, allows you to add stuffing, and lets them dry quicker. Plus the colors are so adorable that you really don't want to cover them up.
And get this - Size 1 is 6-18 lb and Size 2 is 18-40, right? Well I was running low on dipes so I pulled out a Size 2 Duo Diaper from my 3 year old's stash. It was a little big but still worked perfectly on my 3.5 month, about 15 pounder! No leaks or anything! We do have a few Size 1's but I'm going to start increasing my Size 2 stash instead!
So for our GIVEAWAY (YAY!), you can win a Duo Fab Fitted!
You get one entry for doing each of the following things and then commenting below that you did it. Please make each entry a different comment. Each comment counts as 1 - we wont be going through if you did multiple things but put them all in one comment.
The contest ends Saturday May 28 2011 at midnight. We will pick one comment with as a winner. Let us know what color/closure duo fitted you'd prefer and a second choice.

1. Go to our New page and let us know what your favorite product listed is that you might want to try some day.
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8. Let us know what size/color/closure you want. You can see the options here

Good luck!

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