Saturday, February 26, 2011

USA made diapers and a Giveaway

Are you looking to build your cloth diapering stash with only USA made products? Are you worried that there simply won’t be enough choices? Guess again! There is actually a wide variety of styles of cloth diapers that are made solely in the USA. Some companies need to import some of their materials, while others are able to get all of their materials in the USA.

You can furnish your entire cloth diapering stash of cloth diapers made in the USA. Let’s start out with some newborn options:

Kissaluvs – all of their diapers, diaper lotion potions and fabrics are made right here in the USA. Kissaluvs size 0 fitted diapers are absolutely perfect for newborns. They provide plenty of absorbency, a great fit and even have a snap down for umbilical cord care. Pair these with our next company’s products and you have the perfect newborn combination.

Thirsties – An absolutely amazing company whose warehouse is 100% powered by wind energy! Thirsties products are also 100% made in the USA using components made in the US. Thirsties goal of becoming Carbon neutral is well underway with their new solar panel array producing more than enough electricity to power all their business needs!

Pair a Kissaluvs size 0 or a Willowpads Prefold with a Thirsties Duo Size 1 cover and you have a great newborn stash.

Willowpads – their amazingly soft, durable and absorbent prefolds are all made here in the USA. Willowpad prefolds are a combination of organic cotton and hemp and the most absorbent prefolds I have ever used. I used them on my son as an infant and then used them to stuff some of his pocket diapers with for overnights. They come in both infant and premium sizes.

Once your baby is out of the newborn diapers, there are quite a few choices for both one size diapers and a sized diapers option.

If you are interested in going the sized diaper route, try a Drybees! Made in the USA, this AIO hybrid is a nice, trim fitting choice. Drybees AIO's are an AIO but with a pocket in case you would like a little extra absorbency.

Are you more interested in one size diapers? You have quite a few options:
1. Knickernappies One Size Diapers: all of Knickernappies diapers, inserts and mama products are produced right here in the USA. In fact, right in Oregon! Knickernappies are one of my personal favorites as they provide a trim fit, especially for a one size diaper. Knickernappies One Size Diapers are also the longest fitting one size diaper as they fit well up to 40 lbs! Their award winning loopy-do and super-do inserts (also made in the USA) are amazing and number 1 and 2 on diaper pin!

2. Happy Heinys One Size and Sized Diapers: Not only are all of Happy Heinys products made in their own facility 3 miles from their home but all of their materials are from the USA as well, including inserts. If you check out where some of the inserts of other companies are made, you will realize how unusual this is. Only the hemp is imported due to government regulations. Happy Heinys recently revamped their one size diaper so that it now fits smaller babies just as well as larger babies. They are also the only company to sell a glow in the dark diaper! You can also find a nice variety of mama pads and breast pads also made in the USA.
3. Rocky Mountain One Size Diapers: As the name suggests, it is made here in the US. Rocky Mountain diapers are a one size pocket diaper fitting babies 5-30 lbs. They have incredibly cute contrasting inner microsuede and outer PUL colors. Rocky Mountain diapers are one of the few diapers that will fit a newborn. They adjust via snaps on the elastic in the legs.

4. Softbums: Similar to Rocky Mountain diapers, Softbums are one size diapers that adjust via elastic in the legs. However, rather than having snaps in the elastic, they adjust via a toggle switch on the elastic. This gives a perfect fit for all sizes of babies. They now have 2 USA made styles of diapers – the very popular Softbums echo system and the new Softbums OMNI that is a first of a kind. The Softbums OMNI can serve as an AI2 where you snap in a soaker or as a pocket diaper.

5. Wahmies: A unique one size pocket diaper that closes with hooks rather than snaps or hook-and-loop closures. Wahmies are the only diaper I have tried that is truly toddler proof! And of course, made in the USA.

6. Last but not least, my all time favorite nighttime diapering solution: Lollidoo! These miracle diapers are not only made in the USA with USA materials, but made from recycled pop bottles! Talk about eco-friendly! In addition, they are the ONLY diaper that gets my 3 year old heavy night wetting son through the whole night DRY! You can get them with “innies”, Lollidoo’s inserts. Lollidoos paired with innies are adequate overnight for many children. I use the combination of a super-do insert with 1 of the innies in my Lollidoo Overnight diaper and it is so wonderful! If you are waking up to change sheets throughout the night, do yourself a favor and try a Lollidoo Overnight.

Now for our giveaway! One lucky participant will win a Knickernappies One Size diaper with their choice of microfiber inserts or Loopy-Do inserts! To enter, simply “like” Simple Wonders Diapers on facebook and leave a comment here telling me your favorite USA made diaper! Giveaway ends March 10th, 2011

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