Saturday, August 7, 2010

The 411 on Hemp + Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold Giveaway! Ends 08-31-10

Welcome to Everything you ever wanted to know about Hemp!

Why do an entire post on Hemp? Because Hemp is fast becoming one of the most popular components in diaper making and it happens to be sustainable too. The problem is that it's controversial and there are many misconceptions regarding this amazing resource. Hopefully this post will shine some light on the truth about Hemp and help us all understand it's place in our lives.

Let's first address some of those laughable yet serious questions that most people may have about Hemp.

If it's Hemp can I smoke it? This seems like a silly question, people really aren't going to try and roll up their hemp t-shirt or diaper and smoke it, but in theory they wonder "Are hemp and marijuana the same thing? The truth is that hemp plants and marijuana plants are NOT the same.

Both the marijuana plant and hemp plant are of the same species but must be grown to produce entirely different plants to yield the desired results. Marijuana plants are desired for their leaves and/or buds and are therefore grown to be "bushy." Hemp plants grown for their fiber and edible seeds are cultivated to be stalky plants with very few leaves. Finally, marijuana results in a crop with high levels of THC while hemp plants contain only trace amounts.

What makes Hemp perfect for cloth diapers and clothing? Well as far back as Christopher Columbus people have been using hemp because of it's superior strength and durability compared to other fibers. It is one the fastest growing renewable energy sources and requires little to no pesticides and no herbicides, unlike cotton, which makes it a super eco-alternative. It also produces more protein, oil, and fiber than any other plant on earth.

Hemp is also superior in it's absorbency compared to other fibers. When compared to cotton it was able to absorb at least 50% more liquid and required much less mass which makes it a super absorbent AND trim alternative.

Hemp is also naturally anti-microbial! This provides a natural protection against mold, mildew, undesired bacteria and other fungus. This is a huge perk and a valuable trait, especially for cloth diapers and inserts.

So let's re-cap!
  • You can't smoke Hemp
  • Hemp is a renewable and sustainable resource
  • Hemp is an environmentally friendly crop
  • Hemp is superior in strength
  • Hemp is more absorbent
  • Hemp has naturally anti-microbial properties
  • Hemp is more durable than cotton and other fibers

So, now you know why many cloth diapering moms thinks Hemp is the perfect choice for use in some of their most popular products! You can find Hemp in a variety of Knickernappies items like Loopy Do's, Super Do's, Just Hemp Doublers, Stay Dry Hemp Doublers, Hemp Prefolds, Stackable Mama Pads, and Reusable Nursing Pads.  Plus, Thirsties recently debuted a a fabulous new product I love called the Duo Hemp Prefold.  It's as soft as a t-shirt and is also super absorbent.

I hope this post has helped you view Hemp in a whole new light!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Wahmies One Size Review & Giveaway

I just found another great reason to use Wahmies One Size diapers which inspired me to write my post today about this diaper. This diaper is a one size diaper with a weight range of 4-40 pounds, which is the largest weight range I have seen. The diaper is available in hooks or snaps and now comes with a Bamboo and Cotton fold to fit insert.

The great thing about this diaper is its adjustability.

The front of the diaper has snaps that will allow for adjustment in the rise of the diaper. Use the smallest snap setting for newborn and unsnap all of the snaps for your toddlers. I personally use the Wahmies One Size diaper with hooks. The hooks are great! They really allow you to adjust the sides/waist of the diaper so that the sides do not fall down, which is commonly referred to as "wing droop". The best way to illustrate the way to use this diaper is by watching the video here.

I found another use for the diaper when my sister-in-law was looking for a solution for her toddler. Every morning he would wake up, take off all of his clothes and his disposable diaper and smear his poo all over the walls and all over his crib! Right away the Wahmies diaper came to mind. I thought hooks would be a fool-proof way to keep his bed poo-free. Turns out that it worked like a charm. He even started considering his cloth diapers his "big boy pants".

So if you're looking for a soft diaper with great adjustability that will work well through toddlerhood consider the Wahmies One Size!

Want to win one?

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Nappy Strap Story

Well you have heard the phrase "necessity is the mother of invention" right? Well that has lead to a couple of the products in my store's line up, the main one being the G-Flapper diaper insert.

My name is Sharni, and I am the owner of Nappy Shoppe. My store not only stocks brand name diapers, but also products made by myself and my sewing friends.

The Nappy Strap is one of those items that was created out of a need. My husband prefers diapers that close with hook and loop. He does not like snaps at all. This man can be so helpless when it comes to anything with an ick factor. We have a little stash of AIO hook and loop diapers just for him. You can read about him in a previous post here.

But the biggest drawback to hook and loop is that it is not as durable as snaps. Yes it is easy to use, Yes it is better adjusting for fit on baby and so on, but fact is, that hook part loves to attract fluff, and loves to curl up. So over time, I end up having to replace the hook and loop on some of my son's diapers.

I had a few diapers that were in need of hook tab replacement, but I just had not found the time, so out of desperation, I went into the sewing room and grabbed a 5 inch strip of hook tape and laid it over the top of his hook on his bum genius diapers. Wala! It held the tabs in place, and we had no accidental diaper removals. But problem was the edges of the hook tape are rather sharp, and my son ended up with red marks on his thighs where they came in contact with the tape when he was moving around.

So then I went back to the sewing room and grabbed a scrap of minky fabric. Sewed it up and attached the hook tape to it. That way I had a nice soft edge where it came in contact with his legs, and no more red marks.

So when a local customer/friend was over complaining about her daughter doing the diaper strip, I made her one. And she said it helped stop her daughter taking her diaper off.

Well if the two of us found it useful for two different reasons, I figured others would want it too. So the Nappy Strap was born, and now I sell it on my website.

It works on any hook and loop diaper that has an upper tab of loop for the hook of the Nappy Strap to stick to. This includes diapers like the Bum Genius, Tiny Tush, Thirsties and more. It wont work with Happy Heiny and Drybees diapers as their hook and loop is covered up (and I find their hook and loop wears better because of this method of construction).

Congratulations to Mrs B and Heather A (27 and 38). Each of you have won a Nappy Strap!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Joy of the Ring Sling & Gift Certificate Giveaway

Ring slings are a wonderful option for the first time baby wearing family. Ring Slings are quick, easy, have a small learning curve, and are good from newborn to toddler. There are different options for a ring sling. You can choose either an open or closed tail, and choose rails that are padded, lightly padded or un-padded. With these selections you can find just the right style ring sling for you. The Zolowear is an example of an unpadded open tailed ring sling. The Hava is an example of a lightly padded system.

How is a ring sling quick you might ask? Putting on a ring sling is as quick as tossing your cross bodied purse on. Ring Slings go on the same way, from one shoulder to the opposite hip with a simple ‘tail’ (the part of fabric hanging towards the floor). Once baby is in the sling you can leave the tail to hang or tuck it up inside the sling, whichever you prefer.

Ring Slings have one of the smallest learning curves which make them great for first time baby wearers. Place the rings on the shoulder farthest from where you want baby. For me I liked having baby more to my left so the rings would go on my right shoulder.

Carrying your newborn is easily done in the front snuggle position shown here with a Zolowear style ring sling. You can have the legs in or out once you become more comfortable with how to adjust and fit your right sling.

Toddlers can be worn in many positions, from the facing out shown here in the Hava style ring sling, to the hip carry, and for the advanced baby wearer (yes you will achieve this status very soon) the back carry.

The easiest way to learn how to use your sling to its fullest is to watch someone and get patient instruction. The Tummy2Tummy DVD is the perfect in home help for learning how to use your ring sling.

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Chrisitne of Snuggle Hugs LLC

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