Friday, November 11, 2011

Giving Thanks at Cottontail Baby

Happy Veteran's Day!

I am Kathleen, owner of Cottontail Baby and its sister site, Mamaclothonline and a proud member of the Cloth Diaper Retailer Cooperative. This is usually my favorite time of year. My young sons get so excited about Halloween and all three of them have birthdays in October or November. Those celebrations plus all the family fun of Thanksgiving make these late Fall weeks party central around here. So, all happiness, all fun, all the time. All the time, that is, until I read the newspaper.

The news many days is bleak and sad, unfortunately. Not many truly joyful things make the front page. However, lately, everything just seems particularly bad. The tragic and unbelievable activities unfolding at Penn State, the sordid accusations in the Presidential campaign, the teetering economy in Greece, earthquakes in Turkey, flooding in Thailand, even pox parties. What is going on?

I noticed that several of my friends are updating their Facebook statuses each day with an item for which they are Thankful. A wonderful November tradition. Instead of writing this month's blog about Happy Heiny diapers, which was my original intention, I decided instead to write about what I am thankful for. Thankful both as a mom and as an owner of a Cloth Diaper business. I am still going to do a Happy Heiny giveaway so one of you can have something to be thankful for as well.

I am Thankful for the following Cloth Diaper products

1. Happy Heiny reusable training pants that can be customized to fit any child no matter how big or how small
2. Kozy Designs Wool Shorties with whimsical designs always make me smile
3. Mommy's Touch mamacloth in luxurious, gorgeous, bright brocade
4. Lori's Nursing Necklaces customized with each child's name make breastfeeding easier
5. Swaddlebees wipes in lime and lemon make even messy jobs fun
6. Northern Essence products...all of them....can't choose a favorite they are all so good
7. Imse Vimse cloth trainer three packs in jungle and Magic Dragon. So much more fun than the ubiquitous cartoon characters or disposable training pants
8. The wonderful utility of a prefold diaper. We use them for EVERYTHING around here
9. The new bumGenius 4.0s in Einstein and Lovelace. LOVE the new prints and LOVE their inspiration
10. Leslie's wet bags in each and every size. We use them for diapers, for wet swimming suits and for snack bags.

As a Mom I am Thankful for

1. Healthy and happy kids
2. A wonderful husband
3. Great schools and teachers
4. Supportive mom friends. No mommy wars in my world, THANKFULLY
5. Fun and friendly neighbors who are always willing to lend a hand
6. Tuesday and Thursday morning spinning classes
7. Other parents who volunteer to coach, be room parents, chaperone the field trips and carpool. My life would be so much more difficult with them not in it.
8. Sherri the barrista at my local Target's Starbucks. She always remembers my order and greets me with a smile
9. The Math Bingo app on my iPad which has lived up to its billing as a truly educational and fun tool
10. Date Night!!!


This month, we are giving away one of Happy Heinys super cute and super fun holiday One Size diaper. This cute bright green diaper with red snaps will be perfect all December on your little one. In order to enter the giveaway, please

1. Comment below about why you are thankful
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moms and Bums Inventory Clearance Sale!!

Brampton's Biggest and Best Charity Mom Sale
On Saturday, Oct. 22th, Moms and Bums will once again sponsor the Mom Sale.  Join us in the new larger location at the Brampton Fairgrounds (12942 Heart Lake Rd, Caledon, ON L7C 2K5) from 930 am – 130 pm.
The semi-annual sale sponsored by Moms and Bums natural parenting shop gives families the opportunity to get rid of those outgrown and no longer needed children's toys and clothing, while donating admission proceeds to charity.  The Mom sale features over 150 vendors with used children's toys, shoes, strollers and clothing as well as a business marketplace filled with 25 local family related businesses.

We are proud to once again be sponsors of the upcoming fall Brampton Charity Mom sale.  This time we are going to do things a bit differently and will be holding our year end inventory clearance at the sale.  We will have some great pricing on your favorite name brand items.  Nothing over $15!!!

Come visit and see our products in person! If you are looking for something specific this sale, make you sure you contact us ahead of time to let us know what you want us to bring, otherwise you will only get to see the clearance items.

$3 admission fee (grandparents and children free!) will once again benefit The Peel Children's Safety Village, a non-profit organization built by the community on land donated by the City of Brampton.  The Safety Village aims to reduce the alarming rate of preventable traffic accidents, the leading cause of death for children aged one to nine.

For more information about the sale please visit The Mom Sale.  Join their facebook page for $1 off admission coupon.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

How Undercover Mama Saved My Baby from Chickenpox!

Hi! I'm Bayla from Soft and Cozy Baby in Baltimore, MD.

A few weeks ago I noticed 2 itchy spots on my belly and back. I thought it was mosquito bites but had no idea how they got to my belly! Someone suggested it was poison ivy but again, almost impossible. A couple days later it turned into a blistery rash. As we were going out of town the next day, I decided to go to Patient First being that it was quite uncomfortable and I wanted to make sure it wasn't contagious.

The Doctor at Patient First took one look at it and announced, "That is definitely Shingles." Shingles?! I thought that's for old people! She said that she's seen a few young people with it lately. So am I contagious? Only if someone comes into direct contact with the lesions. But I am nursing a baby! She said my baby was likely already exposed so there's nothing I can do about it anyway. Someone can contract chickenpox from shingles, but they wouldn't contract shingles. But my 8 mo old nursling has not had the chickenpox or the vaccine, and he's the only one who has been in direct contact with my belly!

Her only advice was to keep it covered, wash my hands, and take an antiviral. I was taken off work for a week as I'm a midwife and don't want to expose my patients - just in case. I called my pediatrician who wasn't concerned. It's not dangerous for a baby at 8 months to get chicken pox.

So we went on our trip as planned. And my baby never got the chicken pox!

I attribute it to my Undercover Mama! I LOVE theUndercover Mama and wear one all the time! It is great because it just hooks to your regular nursing bra and is much cheaper than a nursing tank. I like that it keeps my belly covered while I'm nursing as I wear a lot of T-shirts. I also wear it to sleep because nursing in bed makes for a cold tummy! I think because my Undercover Mama kept my belly covered all the time, my baby was never exposed to the shingles lesion.

Another great benefit of the Undercover Mama!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Washing Diapers -- It is simple!

Hi I am Sharni and I own the Nappy Shoppe in Allen Texas. We get a lot of people who come to the store or email me who want to use cloth for the various benefits but are concerned about the washing aspect.

It is easy! I promise you are not required to have a stream in the back yard with rocks to pound on the diapers. Your washing machine does all of the work! When I was washing diapers I was doing 2-3 loads of diaper wash a week, but on the other side of the coin, I was doing less clothing wash than I had with my previous baby in disposables, because I had far less blowouts and leaks with cloth. So I found that I was not doing many extra loads.

The keys to a successful washing routine are water and the right detergent. Diapers are dirty! Yes dirty! Someone just pooped and peed on cloth so they are dirty, and this takes water to clean out. So I ran a rinse before I did anything. I did a cold rinse, so I didn't set any stains with heat. Now I have removed the worst of the soil, I can then add my detergent to really clean the diapers.

I use an additive free detergent. There are several great brands on the market that are made for cloth diapers, such as Rockin Green, Thirsties liquid, Eco Sprout and Eco Nuts. And yes you can use these on your regular wash too. I found them to be comparable price wise so I no longer buy regular detergent.

I found I used far less detergent than I used to before I cloth diapered. One of the biggest mistakes that many make (including myself starting out) was that they use too much detergent. And the residue gets left in the fibers and reacts with pee and causes rashes. I found for my water, a tablespoon of Rockin Green worked the best for me.

Suds do not make for clean diapers. Suds mean there is residue to be removed from the water. The better detergents do not make suds. When you peek in your machine for the final rinse, suds is something you do not want to see. If you do, run a rinse cycle or full cycle again.

I use hot water for the wash cycle. My machine does a hot wash and cold rinse. This worked fine for me. Do not use the sanitise cycle on your machine, the water can be so hot it can ruin the elastics and the waterproofing of your diapers.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Keep it simple! These items will harm your diapers. All you need is water and your diaper safe detergent to wash your diapers. Do not use dryer sheets. Not only do these harm your diapers, but they also have harmful chemicals in them that are not good for you in general. Cutting out all these items keeps the cost of washing down too!

So keep it simple, a good detergent and lots of water, and your diapers should be clean.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aubrey's Undies #4- Super Skivvies Convertible Trainer

Super Skivvies
 Convertible trainers for your little Potty Learner.  Its a trainer... its underwear... Its Super Skivvies!
With their great prints and ultimate comfort, it was no surprise that Super Skivvies quickly became one of Aubrey's Favorite undies!

Pink Ooga Booga
What's so special about Super Skivvies? 

They are made from organic cotton and they feature a no roll elastic encased in the waist and thigh bands, leaving no red marks on Aubrey's chunky thighs.
In the wet zone Super Skivvies have a built in rayon (from bamboo) and organic cotton velour liner, the perfect place to tuck in a little more absorbency for the training stages.

Butter Ooga Booga
Included is a removable insert consisting of three layers rayon (from bamboo)/organic cotton fleece. Just tuck the insert into the wet zone lining, and your undies are trainers!  When your little trainer gets a bit bigger like my Aubrey, simply remove the insert and your trainers are now her big girl undies!

Its a zoo in here
Super Skivvies are not an alternative to diapers. Including the insert, there are five layers of protection, enough to handle a small accident.  If your little one still needs more protection you can add a second insert.
Frogs in Cars

Find all of the featured Aubrey's Undies and more favorite trainers online at our Moms and Bums Family of Shops, or visit us in person at our Inventory Clearance Sale  during the Mom sale October 22nd at the Brampton Fairgrounds (12942 Heart Lake Rd, L7C2J3) from 930-130.  Admission $3 and all admission proceeds will once again be donated to Peel Children's Safety Village.  Find more details on our Locals Corner page.

Have you enjoyed our Aubrey's Undies features?  See Aubrey's Favorite undies featured on CityLine!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Shop Local

Hi! I'm Bayla from Soft and Cozy Baby in Baltimore. I'm going to make you think a little!

In today's internet age, who shops local anymore? It's easier and quicker to hop online and search for the best price and have it delivered to your door a week later. No dragging your kids in and out of their car seats, finding parking, etc. Sounds good, huh?

So why shop local?

Sales tax - One of the main reasons for shopping online is to avoid sales tax. Sales tax is what supports our community. It pays for our firefighters, police officers, garbage collectors, street paving, schools, and all the things we complain about that the city isn't doing for us! We need taxes as much as we hate them!

Giving back to our community - It's nice to think we're getting a great deal when we save a couple bucks shopping at big box stores or conglomerates. But they don't appreciate you! When you walk into a local mom-and-pop-shop and spend an extra dollar, think of what you're getting: personalized, educated, hands-on assistance; a grateful shop owner who you might have helped put food on their table; helping your neighbor or friend make a living. Wasn't it worth that extra dollar for the smile you put on their face to receive that warm feeling in your heart?

Shopping in your community keeps money in the community. It helps create jobs and resources and grows other local businesses. Local businesses build strong neighborhoods by contributing to local causes and investing back in sustaining the neighborhood.

Reduces the environmental impact - requires less transporting of goods

Local businesses return 80% of every dollar to the community.

Small local businesses are the largest employer and they create the most jobs.

Although it might seem like you're shopping local when you go into your local big box store, actually most of the revenue of that store is not staying in your community.

Here are some of the ways my small, independent store supports our community:
  • I pay rent to a local landlord supporting his business and family
  • I hire local employees putting food on their table and their kids in preschool which supports the local supermarkets and preschools
  • I pay city and county taxes which improves city services and supports our city workers and emergency personnel
  • I pay unemployment insurance which creates a pool for those locally who are unemployed
  • My shop contributes to the atmosphere of our neighborhood, helping to make it a safe and friendly place to live and visit
  • We accept and distribute bNotes, a local currency which keeps money local to improve the local economy
  • We contribute to local charities, schools, and organizations, keeping the money in the community
  • We help sponsor local events, making our community active, thriving, and a fun place to live and visit
  • We provide hands-on workshops and support, ensuring that our customers are successful and informed; and we are available for troubleshooting
  • We are open to customer suggestions on the products we carry and try to support local artisans and manufacturers
  • Our pricing is as competitive as any internet retailer allowing customers to support local business
WHY? Because it really makes a huge difference.

When you shop local, you invest in your community, in your neighbors, and in yourselves. In this economic climate, the best return on investment is in local business. It is estimated that for every dollar you spend, twice as much will be reinvested in the community by a local store than a national store.

Pick 3 independent businesses that you would miss if they closed. Spend $50 there. Feel good that your purchases are what keeps these stores around.

Sources -- This is an AMAZING website!

Why do you shop locally and how does that benefit you and your community?
Who is your local cloth diaper shop and do you support them?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

So, it is September 11, 2011, the 10 year anniversary of the horrible attacks on the United States in New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. It is also my day to blog on the Cloth Diaper Retailer Cooperative blog. I have been trying to come up with something appropriate to share with you all. However, despite my best efforts, writing about diaper rash salve or the best cloth training pant seems so trite and inconsequential.

I read an interesting article on how to talk to your kids about 9/11 and was all prepared when my young sons asked about it this morning (they wanted to know why there was a commemorative ceremony at the baseball game they were watching on tv). When I started to answer them using the words and tone the article suggested they replied "Oh, the Twin Towers? We learned about that at school." "Really?" I responded, "When?" "In Art class" they replied. Huh? In Art class? Has 9/11 and the wars that followed so desensitized us as a nation to the horrors of that day that 2nd graders are learning of it in Art? This was the defining moment of my adulthood. Like Pearl Harbor and the Kennedy Assassination that proceeded it, it is one of those days where everyone can tell you exactly where they were, what they were doing and how they felt when they first heard of it. It ended any innocence that remained and caused fear to be a unwelcome companion. Should something this consequential and life changing really be a topic in 2nd grade Art? Upon hearing of our sons' history lesson, my husband and I sat down with them and provided a bit more detail than I am assuming they received over finger paints and glitter.

So, on this 10th Anniversary day, I will not blog about diapers but I will do a giveaway as we all need something fun and happy to which we can look forward. One of our favorite Made in the USA diapers, Thirsties, has recently added new prints to its diaper cover line. They are sweet and delightful and make me smile whenever I see them. We will give away one of these new covers (you pick the size and print) via a random drawing from the entrants.

In order to enter, please do one or all of the following (doing all four gives you four entries!):

- Comment below on how you discuss 9/11 with your children
- Fan Cottontail Baby on Facebook
- Fan the Cloth Diaper Retailer Cooperative on Facebook
- Join the Cottontail Baby mailing list

Thursday, August 18, 2011

To Size Or To One Size.. That Is The Question!

Every month I hold a free cloth diapering class in Toledo to help people see, touch, and feel the diapers from my website and get a better understanding of how each diaper or diapering system works. My hope is that the class will help them to realize cloth can be just as easy as disposables with the right system in place.

One of the questions that often comes up in my class is the advantages and disadvantages of using a sized diaper vs. a one size diaper. I'd like to review a few different options for you in this post to hopefully help you on your way to becoming a cloth diaper expert!

There are several advantages to using a one size diaper. Most one size diapers are designed to fit baby from birth through potty training. If you utilized all one size diapers from birth through potty training, you may only need 20-30 total diapers and would not need to buy more. They may even last through one or more additional children. One disadvantage to a one size diaper is that they may be a tad bit bulky on a newborn. The typical range for a one size diaper is 7-35 pounds, but on the small end the amount of fabric in a one size diaper would still typically be a bit bulky on a newborn. I had to leave my daughter's snaps in her sleepers unsnapped for a few months.. but it didn't bother me since we were at home most of the time anyway. Another disadvantage of one size diapers is that if your child is a bit on the large side, they may end up growing out of their one size diapers before they potty train. My son was 3 before he potty trained and had long since grown out of his one size diapers. The sized diapers, however, continued to fit him into potty training years.

The diaper that I carry that is one size and has the largest weight range is the Wahmies One Size diaper shown here:

This diaper is very trim fitting and versatile. The sides hook onto themselves to prevent wing droop, and the fold to fit bamboo and cotton insert makes this as trim fitting as possible. At 17.95 this is also on the lower price range for most of the one size diapers. And when baby approaches the toddler years it can be great for another use.. keeping diaper ON baby! The hooks definitely make it a great child-proof diaper!

Now what if you'd like something a bit more trim for the first few months? I think it's a great option to use a sized diaper in the beginning and then transition to a one size diaper for the toddler years. There are several great options for a newborn.

First there is the FuzziBunz XS Perfect Size diaper. This is such an adorable little diaper with a weight range of 4-12 pounds. You could even try a small size with a weight range of 7-18 pounds and then you would need less sizes overall. In my experience most of the sized diapers are generous in their sizing.. my son could still wear his large FuzziBunz when he was 3.. and we bought them for him when he was 10 months old! If you solely use a sized diaper option the diapers would also see less use compared to a one size diaper and hopefully last through more subsequent children. FuzziBunz also has a great sale going on right now.. buy 6 in any combination of Perfect Size or One Size and get 2 free diapers directly from FuzziBunz!! A steal of a deal!

Another sized diaper option for newborns is investing in some duo wraps and prefolds. This is a very inexpensive option, since you can buy 20-30 infant prefolds to have on hand for those frequent newborn messies without breaking the bank. I usually recommend having 4-5 covers on hand and 20 prefolds to start.. and if you need more you can always add more! The disadvantages of using a prefold are that there are two steps to the process - the prefold goes on baby and then the cover, making the process a bit more time consuming, and the prefold might be a bit more bulky on baby than a diaper like the FuzziBunz Perfect Size.

The Thirsties duo wrap is an excellent option to use for a cover because it comes in velcro or snap closure, and is designed to only require the parents to invest in two sizes instead of three of four sizes of covers. As with any Thirsties product the covers are excellent for holding in leaks with their great leg gussets and are available in some adorable prints too!

Another great option for a newborn is the Happy Heinys Mini One Size. This is what it sounds like.. a mini version of a traditional one size diaper. The idea is that you would use the mini one size from 4-16 pounds (it snaps down in the rise) and then size up to the regular Happy Heinys One Size diaper, which are available in velcro or snap. The mini one size still costs 18.95 so it is a bit on the pricier end for newborn options.. but is super easy to use since it is a pocket diaper, especially in those bleary-eyed first few months. It is also available in adorable prints including owl (pictured below) and glow in the dark skull.

What if you find that your toddler is a tad big in his potty training year(s)? Some manufacturers such as Happy Heinys do make XL diapers that run from 30-40 pounds. These are pocket diapers that I'd be happy to special order for you. Otherwise give the size L a try in any sized diaper.. hopefully you'll find that they are a bit more generous in size and they can last through potty training!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Tender Loving Cloth Diapers

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Should We Trick Our Kids?

My name is Kathleen and I am the owner of Cottontail Baby and Mamaclothonline. I live in Minnesota with my husband and our three young, active, sports-obsessed sons. Like many moms out there, I try my best every day to live a green life and do right by my family, friends and community. While I often fall short of my ideal, I always keep trying.

I have been struck recently by the number of articles and self-help books that advocate tricking or lying to our children in order to get them to do what it is we want them to do. Trick your kids into eating their vegetables. Trick your kids into thinking school is cool. Trick your kids into reading. Trick your kids into helping around the house.

I am rather astounded at all of this. Why do we have to lie to get our kids to do what we want them to do or what is best for them? How do our children benefit from our manipulation and subterfuge? (Full disclosure: I live in a house in which Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are very much alive and present. That might make me a hypocrite and I can live with that.)

If you want your children to eat their vegetables than make them a part of every meal and model eating vegetables. Grow them in your garden and have your kids help. We have a four colors on your plate every meal rule and often talk with our kids about what colors would be fun to eat at dinner and pick the appropriate veggie (orange - bell peppers or carrots, green - beans or asparagus, red - tomatoes or beats, blue - corn or potatoes, yellow - summer squash). Have them help prepare the meal. Even a toddler can hang beside mom or dad with his or her own little bowl and spoon -- who cares if it messy? In my experience most of parenting is.

I never did understand how children would benefit, in the long run, from hiding pureed carrots in the chocolate chip cookies or spinach in the brownies. What is the end game here? If kids don’t ever eat vegetables as vegetables what happens when they are older and their parents no longer sneak them into their sweets? Will they miraculously start enjoying vegetables and make them part of their daily diet then? Perhaps. But not likely. Sending the message that desserts are good and veggies are bad doesn't help anyone. When they find out that their parents have been lying to them all these years, what will that do their parent/child relationship now that trust has been violated? Finally, you take away from the child the ability to actually develop a love for vegetables. Who knows, maybe they will surprise you and end up liking it but you never gave them the chance to do so. Let's all remember the often quoted parenting philosophy that you must try a new food multiple times before you develop a taste for it. Don't take that opportunity away from them.

I feel the same way regarding tricking your kids into reading or helping around the house. They should develop a love of reading for readings sake and not because they were manipulated into it. In our house, my husband and I model reading and our children follow. Even when they were little bitty toddlers they would pick up books and point to words and mutter jibberish in an imitation of my husband and me. Cute. For parents who trick or bribe their kids into reading, how will they maintain the passion and joy once the subterfuge has ended?

Children should help around the house because they are part of the family and not because they were tricked into it. We don’t do allowances in our home. Our children help with chores because they live here too and everyone pitches in. If they need something, they receive money for it as we are a family and we do our best to meet each others needs. If they want something that is not a need, they can wait until their birthday or Christmas or a particularly indulgent grandparent comes to visit (it helps to be part of a culture in which cash is often given as a gift). Often, a little waiting allows them to realize they really didn’t want it after all.

Recognizing the best laid parenting plans get blown apart as our little ones imprint their own personalities on our ideals, what are your plans? As your infants turn into toddlers and breast milk makes way for solids, are you going to obscure the vegetables on your child’s plate? Are you going to trick them into the behaviors you want or encourage them on their own?


Our giveaway this month is a FuzziBunz Diaper Tote. We LOVE and I mean LOVE the bright, vibrant colors FuzziBunz is using these days. Is there anything more gorgeous than their Crushed Berry or as fresh as their Apple Green or more luxurious than the Choco Truffle? Yum! In order to win one of these bags, please

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Loving Naturals Sunscreen now goes on clear!

When we first started using sunscreen on our daughter, we used specially formulated "baby" versions. I felt these would be safer and contain less chemicals than regular sunscreen. As I researched and my knowledge grew, I realized that many of them contained the same ingredients. We tried out different sunscreens and tried to find one that we felt was easiest to use for the whole family.

The next summer, we noticed that my daughter was coming home from the beach with a very red face each day, despite applying plenty of sunscreen. It wasn't sunburn-it would quickly fade once she took a bath. It turns out that she was very sensitive to many of the ingredients in these "natural" sunscreens. Mineral sunblocks and products with zinc were fine, while traditional sun'screens' seemed to set off the reaction.

Last year, we found Loving Naturals sunscreen and immediately fell in love. It worked well for the whole family, even my sensitive daughter and surfer husband. He felt that it worked even better than some waterproof and sport sunscreens designed for heavy activity. No rashes, no sunburn, no chemicals! We were in love...except for one downside. The sunscreen went on white and left us all looking a little pale and ghostly. It would mostly sink in, but there was still that "white shadow."

Since we really liked it and wanted to use it regardless, I was so excited when I saw that Loving Naturals reformulated the sunscreen to go on clear. It still offers the same great protection without chemicals, but now easily rubs in clear. They've also expanded the line to include a clear face version and baby versions. The sunscreen sticks also go on clear. It's really the best of both worlds!

If you've been looking for a natural sunscreen but wanted to avoid the white shadow, this is a great product to consider. We apply it without any worry-all of Loving Naturals products received a '0' toxicity rating from Environmental Working Group.

In August, use code 'summer2011' to save 5% on your order (bumGenius, Flip, GroVia, specials excluded)
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Help me clear out some products to make room for new ones this fall!
Enjoy the rest of your summer :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Babyette Waterbabies Ring Sling

Guest Poster: Patti Dallhoff

Patti works at the Nappy Shoppe and is mother to Carson, 4.5 months old

Baby Wearing experience with: Ergo (used newborn insert as well), CatBirdBaby Pikkolo, Moby Wrap, and the Babyette Waterbabies Mesh Ring Sling.

Texas summers are already hot enough without having to strap on a 16 pound 4 month old while going about my everyday life. He rarely lets me put him down so I have been trying several different baby wearing options. The Babyette Waterbabies Ring Sling is so far my favorite. It takes up very little space in the diaper bag (it could fit in a quart size ziplock with room), is light weight and doesn’t make you sweat. Plus, you can wear it in the pool! How cool is that? I just dropped it in my wetbag for the ride home.

If you have multiple children and are trying to have a pool day, this sling is a must. It is very hands free, light, and secure. It dries quickly and you are not left dripping everywhere.

Having never worn a ring sling before I had to do a little research. Time for youtube! Then a trip to the Nappy Shoppe to try it on. It was super easy to put on for the first time with no direction and just the few pointers I had obtained on youtube. Carson loved the kangaroo carry that has him facing out and we walked around the Nappy Shoppe getting use to it. I also turned him around and did the tummy to tummy carry and he quickly fell asleep. Sold!

There is also the option of a back carry once he is a little older. This sling is really quick and easy to get Carson in and out. If for some reason he is SUPER cranky and doesn’t want to be in there, I didn’t waste forever getting him in.

All the slings at the Nappy Shoppe come in a standard size and many beautiful bright colors. I was a little worried this wouldn’t fit my husband, who wears a 52 inch suit jacket, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was at least a foot left to work with.

The very best thing about this sling is we don’t overheat wearing it. My little guy puts off a lot of heat and we stopped wearing our Moby two months ago because of that. This material is light, cool and nice against the skin. It easily washes and dries.

Happy Baby Wearing,


Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July Savings at Snooty Booty Diapers

‎4th of July Specials have begun!

Save up to 15% on Flip products
20% on SoftBums super dry touch and mini pods (including packages with these pods).
GroVia orders over $30 receive a free GroVia wetbag (while supplies last), ice and cosmos colors are on sale
10% on most other items using code "july411"

offers expire 7/5/11

Have a wonderful Fourth of July...enjoy food, fireworks and family!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Circumcision - Whose Choice is it to Make?

I am Kathleen, owner of both Cottontail Baby and Mamaclothonline and, most importantly, mother to three young boys. It is in my Mom role that I have been reading with great interest the news that San Francisco is considering a ballot initiative that would outlaw circumcision for boys under 18. The ban would make circumcising minors punishable by a fine of $1000 and up to one year in jail. There would be no religious exemptions. The more I read and the more I learn, the more I am finding myself quite conflicted about this proposed ban.

Certainly, on the one hand, circumcision is a form of mutilation of the body of a very much innocent and helpless infant. If God made it this way, why do we need to tamper with it as the actor Russell Crowe infamously tweeted earlier this week? I agree with this and feel the same way regarding this and a whole host of cosmetic procedures.

On the other hand, I do understand all the studies that indicate the health issues related to circumcision (some studies in Africa suggest that circumcision helps stop the spread of AIDS). I also understand the cultural and religious rituals associated with circumcision especially amongst Muslims and Jews and the importance placed on this rite of passage in both religions. Circumcision is so important to both groups that a ban of the practice could be seen as violating one's First Amendment rite to practice one's religion as one sees fit.

One study I read indicated that while only 30% of males world wide are circumcized, over 80% of males in the US are circumcized. Clearly, this is a US cultural issue in many ways. I am curious to know why this is so important and prevelent in our country but significantly less so world wide? Does it have something to do with our anti-septic, shrink wrapped culture? Are we just a nation of conformers and afraid, even for our tiny infants, to go against the norm? Are we lemmings who do not think for ourselves but just blindly and unquestionably approve unnecessary procedures?

One issue in the debate that I find most interesting is the dichotomy between what is good for the males and what is good for the females (female genital mutilation). Female circumcision (the removal of the clitoris) is illegal in this country. The San Francisco ban would simply provide males the same protection that is already enjoyed by females. I have yet to speak to any parent who believes in circumcision for boys who feels the same way for girls. Why is that? Is it that the process for girls is so much more barbaric (done when they are so much older and in such a crude fashion leading to significant illness, disfigurement and, occasionally, death)? I think that has to be part of it. In addition, for boys, circumcision is done for religious and health reasons but for girls, it is a cultural practice designed to repress women by eliminating their ability to experience sexual pleasure.

In the end, is this simply a parents rights issue? Does the government really need to legislate every choice parents make for the children? Is this just another in a long line of Big Brother laws such as outlawing spanking, criminalizing parents when their children misbehave (many laws that penalize and, in some cases, jail parents for having truant children for instance) or criminalizing parents who smoke in cars in which their children are riding.

What do you think? Is this a clear cut issue for you or are there many shades of grey? What would you do if you lived in San Francisco and this law passes?


In terms of a giveaway for this sunny month of June, I would like to give a Thirsties Fab Duo. The relatively new Fab Duos are so soft and squishy and remind me of wrapping up in a towel after a long day at the beach. They come in fun, summertime colors such as mango, ocean and honeydew. No matter what you choose to do in regards to circumcision, these are great, comfy, wonderful diapers for your children.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What we bring to the beach

Summer is here and I'm fortunate enough to live within a couple of miles of the Jersey Shore. (For those of you that have never been here, many places are completely UNlike the Mtv hit show.) Looking at my beach bag this past weekend, I realized how many beach products are a throwback to my cloth diapering love. Whether you're hitting the beach, the community pool, or even the park this summer, there are many great products to make your outings easier.

Reusable swim diapers - Cute and functional, swim diapers are a no brainer for cloth diapering families. Snooty Booty Diapers offers three different brands- Bummis Swimmi, AMP swim diapers and bambino mio swim diapers. Each adjusts or closes a little differently, giving you a full range of diapering options for the water. If you only hit the water once or twice a season, consider using a pocket diaper with no insert.

PlanetWise Beach Bag - This is the best beach bag I've ever had! Fully lined with waterproof/wickproof PUL, this bag will easily hold a couple of wet beach towels and bathing suits. There's also a dry compartment that holds my keys, wallet, cell phone and book. It's so handy to be able to use one bag for wet and dry items.

Loving Naturals Sunscreen - My daughter used to come home from the beach with a red face. We thought that the hat and sunscreen weren't cutting it until we realized that she was reacting to the sunscreen (within minutes of a bath, the redness would disappear). That hasn't happened since we started using Loving Naturals. It is really smooth, goes on easily and doesn't smell like regular sunscreen does. It does leave a 'white shadow' for about 20 minutes after applying, so I tend to put it on before we head out. It lasts a while before we need to reapply and my very fair daughters stay burn-free! 100% natural and vegan, this really is an amazing sunscreen.

June 8-15, save 5% on the above products with code 'cdrcsummer' Free shipping during the month of June!

Monday, May 16, 2011

We're 4 months old now! Duo Fitted and GIVEAWAY!

Hi! I'm Bayla from Soft and Cozy Baby in Baltimore, MD. I wrote about my Newborn Picks in February and now my baby Netanel is 4 months old already!

Wow! Babies grow so fast! And with them, their diapers! It's so sad that I have to start putting away my adorable newborn diapers. Some still barely fit - like the Kissaluvs 0 and the Thirsties XS. But we've basically moved into smalls otherwise. bumGenius AIO smalls (hand-me-downs from my older son as they dont make them anymore), Thirsties Duos and One-Size diapers. We've also upgraded to Bummis and Thirsties small wraps. And my favorite, once again, is Thirsties duos. We use the Duo Fitteds, Duo wraps, and Duo diapers. I know this topic has been discussed before but this is what I'm excited about now!

I have the original Thirsties fab fitteds from my older son and the Duo fab fitteds are much better! Besides the adjustability which allows them to grow from 6-18 lb, they also have a second liner which increases absorbancy, allows you to add stuffing, and lets them dry quicker. Plus the colors are so adorable that you really don't want to cover them up.
And get this - Size 1 is 6-18 lb and Size 2 is 18-40, right? Well I was running low on dipes so I pulled out a Size 2 Duo Diaper from my 3 year old's stash. It was a little big but still worked perfectly on my 3.5 month, about 15 pounder! No leaks or anything! We do have a few Size 1's but I'm going to start increasing my Size 2 stash instead!
So for our GIVEAWAY (YAY!), you can win a Duo Fab Fitted!
You get one entry for doing each of the following things and then commenting below that you did it. Please make each entry a different comment. Each comment counts as 1 - we wont be going through if you did multiple things but put them all in one comment.
The contest ends Saturday May 28 2011 at midnight. We will pick one comment with as a winner. Let us know what color/closure duo fitted you'd prefer and a second choice.

1. Go to our New page and let us know what your favorite product listed is that you might want to try some day.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom Products I Found Through Cloth Diapering

When we started cloth diapering my oldest daughter, I was hooked right away. I loved the decline in trash, the cuteness of her bottom, everything! When I started looking at the sites we were buying from, I saw there were other great reusable products for the whole family. More reading on cloth diapering blogs and diapering forums introduced me to lots of great ideas. Cloth diapers set off a chain reaction that will last long after my younger daughter is out of diapers. Here are some products I found through cloth diapering and love!

Reusable nursing pads: The first time around, I used those disposable pads. They were itchy, uncomfortable and expensive. By the time my younger daughter came, I had a supply of reusable nursing pads. Made of organic cotton, bamboo or microfleece, these pads were far superior, more comfortable and easier to hide under clothing.

Cloth menstrual pads: I am SO glad that cloth diapering led me to learn about cloth menstrual pads! They have made each month a more enjoyable experience, and I have none of the previous irritation I used to suffer. Just like a cute diaper makes changing more fun, pretty cloth pads help during an otherwise 'blah' time.

Dryer balls: We have about 6 dryer balls in our dryer at any one time. They help to make the laundry softer without chemicals, residue and scents. They are great for cloth diapers and make our towels a lot softer.

Reusable snack and lunch bags: As my daughters start to go to preschool, I've found that I need to have easily portable snacks ready to go. Resuable snack bags are easy to open, help keep food fresh and are fun to use. I love the fact that whether my husband needs to wrap his sandwich or my daughter wants raisins in her lunch box, I don't have to worry about running out of plastic bags.

What are some products you'll reach for after diapering is over?

Snooty Booty Diapers
Cloth Diapers Made Simple

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet Pea One Size Diaper

Hi I am Sharni, I own the Nappy Shoppe in Allen Texas. If you are local to the North Texas area, please be sure to stop by to say hi, if not, stop by our Facebook Page and say hi :)

I stock quite a few brands of pocket diapers, and sometimes you have to wonder what makes one pocket diaper stand out from the rest. What feature makes the Sweet Pea pocket diaper worth stocking when I have others? This diaper has become commonly reached for diaper at night for us, and I do own more than one (which says something about a diaper when I bother to buy a second after I product test with the first and Braden has enough diapers to diaper triplets for a week without washing).

The Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper is a one size diaper. While I have not actually tested it on a newborn, or not necessarily recommend it on a newborn, babies are not that tiny for long, so even if it doesn't fit on that first diaper change, or even for the first couple of weeks, this pocket is an incredible value for money. If you are looking for a pocket to last through to potty training then this one will fit the bill for most babies. Braden at 35 pounds still has room to grow in it.

This pocket closes with snaps, and while my husband is not a fan of snaps, he has managed to put this one on Braden with success. Snaps are far more durable than hook and loop and will not need replacing. There is two rows of closing snap. I really like the way this diaper fits. Even when stuffed with two G-Flappers for night time, it is still trim looking. It has a good rise on it and a decent size pocket which allows for it to be stuffed for night time. Stuffed for day time use, it is a trim diaper.

So what makes this unique? Well it has a feature that I like about the Thirsties DUO Pocket diaper, and that is the fact that has openings at each end for the stuffers, and inserts will work their way out in the wash, so you do not need to unstuff this pocket before washing. While I love the Thirsties DUO Pocket Diaper for night time, it is only available with hook and loop closures, so when someone tells me they love the idea of the Thirsties DUO Pocket, but do not want hook and loop, I point them in the direction of the Sweet Pea Pocket. The other advantage this diaper has over the Thirsties DUO is that it is one size, not split into two diaper sizes. So this diaper will go all the way through from birth to training. I have however tested Size 1 Thirsties DUO Pockets on newborns and I know they do work from around 6 pounds. This diaper does say it will fit from 8 pounds though, which covers a lot of newborns. It has 4 size settings, which is more than some other brands.

What else do I like? This diaper comes in a colour not commonly seen in other brands. Yes it has the standard blues and greens, but it also had BLACK! While black on babies is not for everyone, for those who like it, this is one of the few brands that offers it.

The other thing that makes this diaper great value for money is the inserts. While most pockets at this price point of $18.95 offer two inserts, in general they are just microfiber. This diaper comes with a microfiber insert and a hemp insert. These two fabrics work great together, and for many babies these inserts would be sufficient for lasting the night. For those that need more, just add an all bamboo G-Flapper and you will find that will do most heavy wetters.

So when looking for a one size pocket, be sure to consider the Sweet Pea One Size Pocket. With its snap closures, no touch insert removal, and hemp and microfiber inserts, its great value for money.

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