Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What we bring to the beach

Summer is here and I'm fortunate enough to live within a couple of miles of the Jersey Shore. (For those of you that have never been here, many places are completely UNlike the Mtv hit show.) Looking at my beach bag this past weekend, I realized how many beach products are a throwback to my cloth diapering love. Whether you're hitting the beach, the community pool, or even the park this summer, there are many great products to make your outings easier.

Reusable swim diapers - Cute and functional, swim diapers are a no brainer for cloth diapering families. Snooty Booty Diapers offers three different brands- Bummis Swimmi, AMP swim diapers and bambino mio swim diapers. Each adjusts or closes a little differently, giving you a full range of diapering options for the water. If you only hit the water once or twice a season, consider using a pocket diaper with no insert.

PlanetWise Beach Bag - This is the best beach bag I've ever had! Fully lined with waterproof/wickproof PUL, this bag will easily hold a couple of wet beach towels and bathing suits. There's also a dry compartment that holds my keys, wallet, cell phone and book. It's so handy to be able to use one bag for wet and dry items.

Loving Naturals Sunscreen - My daughter used to come home from the beach with a red face. We thought that the hat and sunscreen weren't cutting it until we realized that she was reacting to the sunscreen (within minutes of a bath, the redness would disappear). That hasn't happened since we started using Loving Naturals. It is really smooth, goes on easily and doesn't smell like regular sunscreen does. It does leave a 'white shadow' for about 20 minutes after applying, so I tend to put it on before we head out. It lasts a while before we need to reapply and my very fair daughters stay burn-free! 100% natural and vegan, this really is an amazing sunscreen.

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