Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom Products I Found Through Cloth Diapering

When we started cloth diapering my oldest daughter, I was hooked right away. I loved the decline in trash, the cuteness of her bottom, everything! When I started looking at the sites we were buying from, I saw there were other great reusable products for the whole family. More reading on cloth diapering blogs and diapering forums introduced me to lots of great ideas. Cloth diapers set off a chain reaction that will last long after my younger daughter is out of diapers. Here are some products I found through cloth diapering and love!

Reusable nursing pads: The first time around, I used those disposable pads. They were itchy, uncomfortable and expensive. By the time my younger daughter came, I had a supply of reusable nursing pads. Made of organic cotton, bamboo or microfleece, these pads were far superior, more comfortable and easier to hide under clothing.

Cloth menstrual pads: I am SO glad that cloth diapering led me to learn about cloth menstrual pads! They have made each month a more enjoyable experience, and I have none of the previous irritation I used to suffer. Just like a cute diaper makes changing more fun, pretty cloth pads help during an otherwise 'blah' time.

Dryer balls: We have about 6 dryer balls in our dryer at any one time. They help to make the laundry softer without chemicals, residue and scents. They are great for cloth diapers and make our towels a lot softer.

Reusable snack and lunch bags: As my daughters start to go to preschool, I've found that I need to have easily portable snacks ready to go. Resuable snack bags are easy to open, help keep food fresh and are fun to use. I love the fact that whether my husband needs to wrap his sandwich or my daughter wants raisins in her lunch box, I don't have to worry about running out of plastic bags.

What are some products you'll reach for after diapering is over?

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