Friday, August 20, 2010

Prefold meets Fitted and a Giveaway (closed)

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Hi! This is LeAnn from Giggle Britches again. My very first cloth diaper was a prefold that I trifolded inside a cover. My daughter was about 18 months old at the time. My only disappointment was that my covers would get dirty so easily. Wouldn't it be nice if those prefolds were shaped similar to a fitted diaper?

One of the best features that a prefold has to offer is the soft, absorbent, 100% cotton they are made from. They are easy to launder and very durable too. Without the worry of detergent build-up on synthetic material, almost any detergent works. So, to blend the advantages of the cotton prefold with the convenience of a fitted diaper seems only natural!

There are many different makers of prefold fitted diapers. Adding some elastic, trimming the length of the prefold, and extending the tabs, turns the prefold into a more convenient, yet still very economical alternative. Most are made without any type of fastener like snaps or velcro. The user decides to Snappi, pin, or just lay inside a snug fitting diaper cover.

Recently, Giggle Brtiches partnered with a wonderful WAHM seamstress in the design and manufacture of our own prefold fitteds. They have been tested by some great moms, a few of which are members of this Cloth Diaper Retailer Cooperative! Made from unbleached indian cotton prefolds, they are super soft and absorbent.

Would you like to win one? Here's how! Hurry, giveaway ends 9/3/10 at 11:59 CST.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Raising Green Kids- Finding Secondhand Treasures

Reusing items is one of the best ways to keep them out of the trash. Buying good quality secondhand items is both green and economical. Follow these tips on your secondhand treasure hunts and you wont be disappointed.

Safety Issues: Make sure to be aware of product recalls. These can be found at manufacturer websites, and at the Consumer Product Safety Commission Potentially dangerous secondhand items include (but are not limited to) mattresses, cribs, car seats, strollers, playpens, baby gates, baby walkers. These items have changed greatly over the years and older versions may not meet current safety standards. Car seats can be especially dangerous if you do not know the history of the car seat. If a car seat has been involved in a vehicle collision it must be replaced, even if the child was not in the car at the time of the accident.

Great secondhand buys: clothing, newer non-electronic toys, books, movies and sturdy furniture. Clothing, especially baby clothing can be reused through several children before it wears out, as they grow so quickly that some outfits are only worn a handful of times. With 3 kids we buy 90% of our clothing from Value Village, a second hand thrift store that donates their profits to the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Bargain Hunting Places: garage sales, swap sessions, friends, family, coworkers, newspaper classifieds, thrift and consignment stores, internet sites (such as ebay, craigslist, kijiji, freecycle).

Twice a year Moms and Bums participates in a great Mom to Mom sale here in Brampton, Ontario. The next one is coming up October 9th. Watch our facebook and twitter for details to come!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cloth Diapering On The Go!

Hello! Noreen from Merrimack Valley Diapers here. (The following blogpost was written by my dear husband, Wes.)

Our family goes out for dinner every Friday night. We’re not looking for anything fancy, just not drive-thru. For the past two weeks, our 16 month baby has waited for us to place our orders and then delivered something hot and fresh but definitely not on the menu. This is unusual because he is normally a morning pooper.

Thankfully, dear husband has volunteered both times to carry the little stinker to the car for an emergency change. Last week he took an Olive Garden napkin with him, but that’s another story. As he returned, he mumbled something about, “those diapers with the two snaps on either side – those are good.” He was talking about Bottombumpers Cloth Diapers. Dear husband is helpful with the diapers but not exactly conversant with brands and styles!

Everybody has a diaper that they find easy to use. When you’re home with a calm baby, you can experiment with a wide selection of different styles. But the real test of a diaper’s ease-of-use isn’t when you’re at home, it’s when someone else has to change a dirty baby in a cramped hatchback without a spare set of clothes and far away from the nearest sink. That’s when you’ll find out which diapers you’ll want to have with you a pinch.

One more lesson from that evening – don’t forget a wetbag for the offending load or it will be a long drive home.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

How will you get those pants over that diaper?! And a GIVEAWAY!

Hi! I'm Bayla from Soft and Cozy Baby and I wanted to share one of my amusements of my cloth diapering journey.

One of the funniest challenges (if you want to call it that!) of cloth diapering is the adorable bubble butt kids get! As a newborn lying on your chest with their bottom sticking up in the air and as a toddler with layers of hemp, cotton, or microfiber under wool longies - I have to smile when trying to get pajamas over that super-duper, bulletproof nighttime diaper.

So what's a mom or dad to do? Children's clothes were made trim and not with the extra room to fit over cloth diapers. Disposables are super thin as they have chemicals to absorb the liquid and dont need the requisite layers that a nighttime diaper requires to make it until morning.

When my son, Dovy, was an infant, I always wanted him to be snug in a onesie so his belly wouldn't get cold while he slept. But my favorite nighttime diaper was (and still is) a Happy Hempy with SuperDo under wool longies. It looks pretty ridiculous to snap a onesie OVER the longies! And you can't snap it under because then it will obviously get wet. Plus, snapping it over can result it putting pressure in one area which may cause leaking or uneven diaper coverage. We did end up just putting a sweatshirt on with longies without the onesie due to logistics.

I have found though that I often have to size up on pants like jeans and dress pants. Shorts, stretchies, and sweat pants usually fit without a problem, as my son is thin and tall. But tighter pants are a little too snug over that bubble butt.

For those of you with the onesie quandary, I've discovered these great Onesie extenders that give you some extra room around the diaper but still allow the onesie to close comfortably. It also allows you to get some extra wear out of onesies that are getting too small to close but still fit.

These Onesie extenders by iPlay come in a pack of 3, each with a different snap configuration, so that you should have one that will fit any brand of onesie!

We are giving away a pack of FREE Onesie extenders to TWO lucky winners!

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Each entry should be a different posting. Contest ends August 30, 2010
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