Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cloth Diapering On The Go!

Hello! Noreen from Merrimack Valley Diapers here. (The following blogpost was written by my dear husband, Wes.)

Our family goes out for dinner every Friday night. We’re not looking for anything fancy, just not drive-thru. For the past two weeks, our 16 month baby has waited for us to place our orders and then delivered something hot and fresh but definitely not on the menu. This is unusual because he is normally a morning pooper.

Thankfully, dear husband has volunteered both times to carry the little stinker to the car for an emergency change. Last week he took an Olive Garden napkin with him, but that’s another story. As he returned, he mumbled something about, “those diapers with the two snaps on either side – those are good.” He was talking about Bottombumpers Cloth Diapers. Dear husband is helpful with the diapers but not exactly conversant with brands and styles!

Everybody has a diaper that they find easy to use. When you’re home with a calm baby, you can experiment with a wide selection of different styles. But the real test of a diaper’s ease-of-use isn’t when you’re at home, it’s when someone else has to change a dirty baby in a cramped hatchback without a spare set of clothes and far away from the nearest sink. That’s when you’ll find out which diapers you’ll want to have with you a pinch.

One more lesson from that evening – don’t forget a wetbag for the offending load or it will be a long drive home.

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