Saturday, February 12, 2011

Diapering A Toddler

Good morning cloth diapering parents,
I was thinking this morning about how my son has reached toddlerhood (no matter how hard to am trying to keep him my little baby). And how my diapering needs are quickly changing. He is now learning to take off his diapers, he needs more absorbancy, and he will finally lay still for roughly 30 second so I can attempt to change him instead of rolling all over the floor. These milestones mean a change in our diapering routine.

Snaps: my new best friend. Although he still can't get the velcro diapers all the way off yet, it will only be a matter of time. I am careful to reach for my snap diapers like the Happy Heiny pockets, Fuzzibunz, and Flip systems when I know he is wearing an outfit that could lead to easy access to removing that diaper. I am sure in time he will figure out how to undo snaps too--he is after all mommy's little genius! ;) (aren't they all though!). But for now that is my plan. I remember when my older girls (pre cloth diapers) would wake up from their naps in disposible diapers and I would find them and their walls and cribs covered in all sorts of wonderfulness. My second daughter had even mastered getting the diaper off while wearing a onesie! I guess she really just didn't like those disposibles, hey. Too bad I didn't know the wonders of a snapped cloth diaper back then.

Absorbancy: man can organic inserts hold a lot of wetness. Whenever we need to go more than an hour and a half or so I reach for an organic insert. The Flips or a Thirsties Hemp Prefold are my current favorites. Although there are a lot of options out there, these ones work the best for us. I love that they can also be used in a pocket diaper so that he retains that stay-dry feeling even though we have a leakproof insert in there. Another thing the organic inserts can do for every baby no matter now old is reduce the "sponge effect." The sponge effect occurs when there is pressure in the diaper area by a baby carrier, exersaucer, jumperoo that type of thing. That pressure can cause the microfiber inserts to compress and moisture is squeezed out just like if you squeezed a sponge. That can cause leeks in some diapers. But the organic inserts don't usually have that sponge effect, what they soak up stays soaked up.

He lays still, well for a moment anyhow: When Greysen was about 6 months old he started to roll everywhere all the time. Which included diapering changing time. I had to move quickly or I had a half naked baby rolling across whatever floor we were on. That meant all-in-ones or pre-stuffed pockets with velcro closures. By the end I think I had that changing time down to the 10 seconds he would stay still for. But now I can engage him a little more and he understands the need to lay still--for 30 seconds at least--to have his diaper changed so I have a few more options in diapering him these days. And I have found my love for the Flip system. I already talked about the awesomeness of those organic inserts. I haven't really used the microfiber ones much so I can't comment on them, but the Flip with the organic insert is a magical thing. NEVER, EVER, NEVER in the 6 months we have used them regularily have I had a leak. Seriously, not even once! We use them for nap with just an organic insert in there, we use them for overnight with a microfiber tucked inside the organic, we use them for car rides and out and about town... never a drop of wetness out of that system. So this system has been our favorite for toddlerhood. Before about 9 months it was not as good of a fit for my son, the organic inserts were too bulky and I couldn't get the waist tight enough (not to mention he wouldn't lay still long enough to get the liner in position and then snap the system up). But now it is the perfect diapering system for us. I do still love the pockets, especially for the stay dry effect, but right now at 15 months of age the Flip is our go to diaper.

If I had to choose one diaper for the life of my baby it would be pockets, in a mix of velcro and snaps with a few organic inserts thrown into the mix. But one of the joys of my line of work is that I am forced to try out all the wonderful new items for diapering as they come onto the market. Some I don't care for and some I love. But it has taught me that there are subtle differences in diapering products and that each stage of a baby's life may require a little tweeking to your diapering routine. You may have to branch out a little, find something that works for that stage of your babies developement. For me, toddlerhood means something super absorbant with snaps. But it may mean something different for you, so don't be affraid to branch out a little and try new things with each new stage of your baby's development.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Valentine to Northern Essence Diaper Products!

So, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Do you have plans? We do. Three class parties during the day all of which are joint Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year celebrations. Then, home for heart shaped cookie baking with loads and loads of sprinkles -- some on the cookies, most on the kitchen floor. Finally, the boys favorite meal for dinner. Yes, nothing says romance more than Tacos in a Bag!!! Can you feel the love? This is how we will spend Valentine's Day in snowy Minnesota with our three little boys. What about you?

For my Valentine's Day blog, I wanted to write a Valentine to my favorite product of all...Northern Essence balms and creams. I LOVE them. LOVE them. I am sure you do, too. What is not to like? Wonderful, all natural ingredients. Nifty smelling scents. Easy application...the Diaper Rash Salve tube is genius. It is ALL good.

While my children have grown out of the need for the Diaper Rash Salve and Better Butt(er) Cream, we still use the shampoo, foaming wash and lotions. In fact, I always have a container or two of the whipped lotion in my gym bag -- my favorites are Ginger Lime and Peppermint.

However, as this is a Cloth Diaper blog, I will save my love today for the Diaper Rash Salve and the Better Butt(er) Cream. The salve is genius with all natural ingredients and comes in both regular and sensitive skin (no lavender or tea tree oil) versions. As it does not contain any lanolin, petroleum or zinc, it does not gunk up your diapers like many salves do so no need to worry about temporarily switching to cloth. It does not cause repelling issues. The salve also does not stain. It really is genius.

The Better Butt(er) Cream is also amazing. This is the cream to use when your child has a yeast infection. Not only will it clean up the infection in a safe and natural way, it also won't gunk up your diapers. The cream is triple whipped and it is thick and luxurious while at the same time being light and fluffy. Really amazing stuff.

Just to show how much love we have for these products we will give away one container of Better Butt(er) Cream to a randomly chosen poster on February 25th. In order to enter, please do the following:

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Product - FuzziBunz® Leggies

Are you thinking spring yet? Depending on what your weather is like, you may be wishing spring was here already like I am! When I think spring I think cloth diaper bums and leggies! It is such a cute look and so easy too.. the leggies keep baby warm while the diaper is easily accessible for a change.

For a limited time FuzziBunz® is offering two adorable prints of their new Leggies. Pictured below are Butterflies and Happy Snail prints. The great thing about these prints are they are designed to coordinate with FuzziBunz® new diaper colors such as Buttercream, Tootie Frootie, and more.

Want to use these cute Leggies before spring? Use them as an extra layer under baby's pants to keep those legs extra warm! At just 10.00/pair these are an incredible value!

Want to try out another FuzziBunz® product? We will be giving away a pair of M/L 3 layer FuzziBunz® inserts. To enter the drawing please do the following (one entry per requirement):

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Thinking spring,

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