Monday, August 8, 2011

Loving Naturals Sunscreen now goes on clear!

When we first started using sunscreen on our daughter, we used specially formulated "baby" versions. I felt these would be safer and contain less chemicals than regular sunscreen. As I researched and my knowledge grew, I realized that many of them contained the same ingredients. We tried out different sunscreens and tried to find one that we felt was easiest to use for the whole family.

The next summer, we noticed that my daughter was coming home from the beach with a very red face each day, despite applying plenty of sunscreen. It wasn't sunburn-it would quickly fade once she took a bath. It turns out that she was very sensitive to many of the ingredients in these "natural" sunscreens. Mineral sunblocks and products with zinc were fine, while traditional sun'screens' seemed to set off the reaction.

Last year, we found Loving Naturals sunscreen and immediately fell in love. It worked well for the whole family, even my sensitive daughter and surfer husband. He felt that it worked even better than some waterproof and sport sunscreens designed for heavy activity. No rashes, no sunburn, no chemicals! We were in love...except for one downside. The sunscreen went on white and left us all looking a little pale and ghostly. It would mostly sink in, but there was still that "white shadow."

Since we really liked it and wanted to use it regardless, I was so excited when I saw that Loving Naturals reformulated the sunscreen to go on clear. It still offers the same great protection without chemicals, but now easily rubs in clear. They've also expanded the line to include a clear face version and baby versions. The sunscreen sticks also go on clear. It's really the best of both worlds!

If you've been looking for a natural sunscreen but wanted to avoid the white shadow, this is a great product to consider. We apply it without any worry-all of Loving Naturals products received a '0' toxicity rating from Environmental Working Group.

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