Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gro Via for the first time

Gro Via diapering system is a one size cover with a snap in soaker. The touch tape fabric and innovative laundry loop were the wonderful features that jumped right out at me when I first saw this diaper. Then I opened the diaper and WOW the snap in soaker was plush and the elastic running along the sides was absolutely fantastic. My first impressions were above and beyond what I expected.

Let’s break down this hybrid diaper starting with the shell or cover for us old timers. The Gro Via shell is a one size shell covering from infant to potty learning. Simply snap down the front of the shell to give your baby the perfect fit. The shells come in a wide variety of colors and some of the cutest prints around. The wide loop fabric at the waist allows for a customized fit - angle the tabs down to narrow in the waist or angle them up to narrow up the legs.

Now on to the snap in Organic Cotton Soaker. You want to talk about fluff and design you will find both in these soakers. The best part is they are organic to boot. The snap in feature keeps the soaker right where it belongs so there is no shifting while on baby regardless of how rough baby plays. Gro Via put a touch of elastic in the leg portion of the soaker to better contain anything the baby can put out. The elastic helps keep the poop in the soaker and off the shell so you can use the shell again and again.

For those babies that like to hold things in for awhile and then let it all out at once you can add on Boosters in either organic cotton or a stay dry option if you prefer. The organic option adds three thirsty layers of absorbency and the stay dry also has three layers of absorbency with a fleece topper.

Come on over to Snuggle Hugs and have a peek at them. While you’re there check out the Magic Stick diaper ointment and the Bio-liners that are flushable.

All in all I was very impressed with this diaper and I believe you will be too. The best part is they are on sale right now, giving you the opportunity to try out a great new diapering system at a discount.

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