Monday, May 2, 2011

My First Friend

Little Joe
Every baby needs a friend, The Friendly Pacifier™ is the new “must-have” in pacifiers. This patent pending concept combines a soothing pacifier with a plush toy to maximize security and comfort for baby helping her calmly discover the world around her.

Little Kate
Having one of the cutest little animal faces combined with the silky softness of fleece and satin is just what any baby would want.  The great attributes of this new plush toy are:
Calms a fussy baby for longer periods of time and promotes self-soothing.  
Offers a temporary distraction while boosting a baby’s motor skills. 
No longer have to search, dig or reach for dropped pacifiers.
These are a must have for you and your little one and a perfect gift for that upcoming baby shower.Our little friends Kate, Jack, Joe, Lex, Louie and Annie are just waiting to come play with you.
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