Thursday, May 27, 2010

Punkernoodle Baby, Seattle WA

Hello! I am Natalie, and together with my husband Lukas and our sweet girls, I run, based in Seattle, Washington. We offer a fun, easy-to-navigate online shop and Cloth Diaper education center as well as a local showroom where we keep all our diapers and accessories in stock and take visits most days of the week. You can also find me, Natalie, teaching Cloth 101 classes at locations around Seattle and giving our Cloth Diaper Tutorials weekly at our showroom.

We have happily diapered our our children in cloth and are truly passionate about helping other parents do the same. Lukas was raised in a large, self-sustaining family and was diapered in cloth along with all of his siblings. So when I became pregnant with our first daughter five years ago, he suggested we use cloth diapers. My first thought (and what I told him) was - NO WAY! But I became curious and went online. One I saw all the totally modern new cloth diapers and read about the environmental damage and health concerns of disposables, I made an immediate decision to use cloth on my babies. Our daughter (whom Lukas nicknamed "Punkernoodle") was in cloth starting from right after her birth, and we have never looked back!

One thing I adore about cloth diapers (besides the good they do our planet) is the style, especially the diapers that come in bright colors and cute prints. It appears our little girls are quickly turning into fashionistas just like their Mama. You know you have a problem when your diaper simply has to match your outfit :)

Lukas especially likes keeping paper/plastic diapers out of landfills. After he's done packaging diapers and sending them off around the country to lucky babies and their parents, he works his green thumb in our organic backyard garden. That's where we burn off stress and teach our girls about the importance of caring for Mother Earth.

Our little girls are our inspiration and are our bosses. Our dog and our cat have some say as well. We feel lucky to be sowing our seeds in the great, green Northwest, among lush forests, gorgeous waters and open minds. We decided to start an environmentally friendly business after having our babies and realizing how much the fabrics and products we put on our skin and in our environment really matter. We want to help parents make healthy choices for their children and for our environment. we also strongly support and advocate for family-friendly businesses! We thank you for visiting and hope you leave with some sweet diapers and a serving of eco-consciousness. Cheers!


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