Friday, May 28, 2010

Gabriel's Picks #1- Preemie Prefolds

We are always asked which cloth diapers we use and what we prefer, so we decided it was time to share:) Over the next few posts we are going to highlight some great cloth diapers that we found worked the best for Gabriel.

First you may need a bit of background. Gabriel was born January 24th at 5lbs 3oz and 34 weeks gestation. He is our 3rd child, our second to use cloth diapers (the nurses in the NICU were not open to cloth, so he was 2 weeks old before we started, and just back birth weight).
We used a variety of diapers on him, some fitting much better than others. My favorite was Bummis organic cotton preemie prefolds with a preemie/newborn super brite cover. He has since outgrown the Preemie/newborn cover (at just over 10lbs and nearly 3 months old) so we have moved up to small Bummis Super Brites and xs Thirsties covers. The prefolds are however still fitting great, and seem to get softer with each wash! We will have to update when they become too small for him.

A note on Thirsties xs covers and AIO's- Although the design for Thirsties and Bummis are quite similar, (with Bummis being made right here in Canada) we found that the leg holes with Thirsties were much larger than the Bummis ones- allowing for our preemie with the common preemie "chicken legs" to pee right out of them. Gabriel was about 8lbs before he was able to wear them without leaks.
We definitely would recommend Bummis Newborn Super Brite Covers and Premmie Prefolds for small newborns and preemies.
Why did we chose the Super Brite over the Super Whisper? The leg gussets of course! If you haven't had a newborn, then you may not know about the liquid poops that come along with them. You see until a baby begins solid foods poops are generally liquid, and sometimes seedy liquid- gross right! Without those legs gussets you run the risk of that liquid poop leaking right out the sides of the diaper... ask a mom who used disposables how many outfits they ruined with blowouts. Here at Moms and Bums we are all about the leg gussets!
Check out the great video below made by Bummis on how to use their prefolds and stay tuned for the next edition of Gabriel's Picks coming soon...


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