Thursday, May 27, 2010

Melissa from The Green Baby Store

Hello from The Green Baby Store. We are a small, family oriented cloth diaper store that strives to provide our customers, both local and internet, with personal, prompt and friendly service. We specialize in pockets and all-in-one diapers to make the transition from disposable products to cloth as easy as possible—because it really is easy.

First a little about myself. I am a former school teacher, now stay-at-home mom of our four wonderful children. Three girls and a little boy. We also have a naughty dog who keeps us on our toes. As a family we enjoy playing outdoors, riding our bikes and exploring new places. I, myself, enjoy reading and organic gardening as well and--OK I’ll admit it--the occasional veg-out time in front the TV watching my favorite shows. This is of course when I am not working on big ideas for The Green Baby Store.

Let me tell you a little about our cloth diapering experiences. It started about five years ago when a first-time mom neighbor said to me, “I’m going to use cloth diapers!” as she pulled out a pack of prefolds she purchased at a local discount store. I laughed at her and replied, “OK, yeah right, go for it.” Thinking to myself, “I give her one day before she is pulling out the disposables.” You see, my idea of cloth diapers was skewed by past knowledge and mass marketing of disposable products. I envisioned her sticking herself with pins and pulling off huge dirty plastic pants, and her whole house smelling of dirty diaper. And while the older style of cloth diapering is available for those who like that style, I wasn’t too excited about it. I had no idea that modern cloth diapers existed and there are diapers out there that are as easy to use as a disposable.

My oldest two children suffered through countless diaper rashes and we spent thousands on diapers that went straight to a landfill because I didn’t know there was any other alternative out there for our family. I can’t say exactly what set me on the path to cloth diapering—it wasn’t that neighbor as she had never gotten around to using the cloth diapers she had bought while pregnant. But when our third daughter was a couple months old I ended up with a cheap package of 5 cloth diapers and I gave it a go, and six months later I had a stash of 30 different diapers. We haven’t had a diaper rash since! I paid a visit to that neighbor to apologize for making fun of her cloth diaper idea. It turns out she didn’t know about modern cloth diapers either, and in an ironic twist: I got her hooked on cloth diapers!

After discovering that no one within two hours of my city offered cloth diapers, and there was a desire for them here, I opened The Green Baby Store while pregnant with our forth child. It is our mission to provide the best service for our local customers through education nights, diaper demos and local delivery. And to provide easy returns and prompt shipping for our internet customers.
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