Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tanya of Moms and Bums

My name is Tanya and I am the owner of Moms and Bums, Natural Parenting Shop and the recently acquired Baby's Bottom Line. Moms and Bums is a parent owned and family operated company out of Brampton, Ontario (about 30 minutes west of Toronto) with US shipping out of Niagara Falls, NY through Baby's Bottom Line.
When I was pregnant with my second child I looked for every way possible to cut costs and be able to stay home for a full maternity leave. The answer became obvious- cloth diapers! The quest to find cloth diapers was more difficult than I imagined. Although you may find quite a few companies with cloth diapers and organic family products today, in 2007 they were few and far between. It was then that the vision of Moms and Bums began. Our primary goal was to bring cloth diapers to the locals of Brampton, Ontario.
When you enter the world of cloth diapers you cant help but also discover the truth about other products you use and the chemicals and toxins they may contain.
As I researched I began to educate myself and took a good look around. I decided it was time to take the green road to a more natural lifestyle. As the time went on and more great products were discovered Moms and Bums branched out and Natural Parenting Shop was opened in the summer of 2008. We strive to seek out great products that are gentle on babies and the earth and provide our children with a healthier lifestyle.

As an RN by profession with a maternal child specialty educating families is my job. We do our best to provide you with the information needed on how to choose the right cloth diapers. With cloth diapers there are so many options to choose from to accommodate your budget, your baby's needs and your lifestyle. We know that choosing the right cloth diaper can be confusing, so we are here to help along the way! I am pleased to spread cloth diaper awareness in my local community of Brampton, Ontario as well as to provide easy to use online baby shops four our customers across north america.
Every family has unique circumstances with distinct needs and resources. We aim to provide our customer with a wide range of natural products, baby slips and wraps, cloth diapers, cloth diaper accessories and unique baby gifts to choose from that dont break the bank. If you have any questions or concerns, please dont be affraid to send us an email! We are here to help along the great adventure of cloth diapers and natural parenting!

Together with my husband Matt and our three children we run Moms and Bums.
The Moms and Bums Team:
Tanya- The Big Boss, new product finder

Matt- The jack of all trades, best friend and best husband ever!
Kiera (5)- The big kid product tester, assistant order picker and expert counter
Aubrey (2 1/2)- the original diaper tester, and now our trainer tester
Gabriel (4 months)- preemie diaper tester, diaper tester and middle of the night snacker


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