Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sara of Diaper Daisy

My name is Sara, and I am the owner of Diaper Daisy, an online cloth diapering retailer based in Franklin, Tennessee. I am married to a fantastic guy who is my best friend and a great dad to our three boys, ages 4, 4, and 1.

I was not always a cloth diaper user. My first were actually two - twins - and I had not heard much about cloth diapers other than what my mom used. I was so overwhelmed with the thought of bringing two babies home that I never actually did much research about diapering at all. I felt bad about filling up the landfills (times two - yikes!), but didn't really see any other options.

When my third came around, I was more aware of today's cloth diapering options. I had friends who were using them with much success. I decided to check them out, and I was floored by how many different types of diapers there were and how easy they all seemed to be.

My husband was hesistant until I pointed out the cost savings. We should be saving at least $1500 over the cost of disposable diapers, and that is just for one child!

When the baby arrived, cloth diapering quickly and easily became a part of our life. I loved that we were saving money, eliminating a lot of trash, and keeping natural fabrics against the baby.

After my experience deciding to take the leap into cloth diapers, I realized how many more people would make the switch if they just had the chance to be exposed to them, the opportunity to see just how easy they are.

When the opportunity arose to purchase Diaper Daisy, I was excited about getting the chance to help expose parents to the ease of cloth diapers, as well as ideas on how to take other small steps to make life healthier for their children.

At Diaper Daisy, I want to provide quality and convenient cloth diapering and baby products to moms of babies and young children. Some of the product lines I carry include bumGenius, FuzziBunz, Flip, Thirsties, Kissaluvs, Knickernappies, PlanetWise, Monkey Foot Designs, and more.

I offer cloth diaper demonstrations, consultations and support. I want to assist and encourage you every step of the way on your cloth diapering journey - whether you are new, novice or expert!

My hope is that more moms and caregivers will learn about cloth diapering and spread the word of how easy and FUN it can be! If there is ever anything I can do to help you on your cloth diapering journey, I would love to help!


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