Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sharni of Nappy Shoppe

Hi, My name is Sharni. I am the owner of Nappy Shoppe. I started Nappy Shoppe in 2008 after I started cloth diapering my youngest. I started with making G-Flappers, which I made for gDiapers when I couldn't find an insert that worked for me. I soon found others were looking for inserts, so as a web designer it didn't take much for me to set up a web site and get started.

Then I started trying out other kinds of cloth diapers, and decided to try my hand at selling the ones I liked the best. What I expected to be something that would occupy me just a few hours a week turned into a full time job that I love. I now employ my daughter and a couple of my friends part time. It feels good to contribute to the local economy and better the environment at the same time.

I am an Australian who lives in Texas. I met my Texan husband on line back in 1995. I have a daughter who is 22, and three sons, 13, 7 and 2. Yes that is 20 years between first and last! I cloth diapered my first child, and back then it was flats and pins and plastic pants. I had a huge wet pail in my laundry room, and line dried my diapers as I didn't own a dryer. Sad to say I used disposables on my second and third. My third was always sporting a nasty diaper rash and if I had known about dry pails back then, I would have changed to cloth!

I am so glad I discovered cloth this time around. I always hated the way I contributed to the environmental mess with my older two boys. I feel like I am doing better by the world my kids are growing up in this time around by using cloth diapers.

I love my job as I get to meet other mums! I have met quite a few local mums and enjoyed making new friends. And I have a great online community of cloth diapering mums too.

I am happy to answer any cloth diapering questions anyone might have. Just contact me through the website :)



  1. omg love the pictures of those little cuties!

  2. Thanks. The gdiaper one is my son (with the red hair) and his friend Zach. And then the other is my son in his knickernappies :)

  3. So cute. I have three red heads, turning more of a strawberry blonde as they get older.



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