Sunday, May 30, 2010

Snuggle Hugs LLC

My name is Christine and I am the proud mother to six of the most wonderful children. Also, I am lucky enough to be the wife of a wonderfully supportive husband. As the owner of Snuggle Hugs, LLC I have been given the opportunity to stay at home with my children and watch them grow.

Snuggle Hugs was born after the birth of our 5th child. We started with homemade ring slings then expanded into other types of carriers. We so thoroughly enjoyed wearing our little ones we figured we would share this with as many parents, grandparents and care givers as we could. One of our most memorable times wearing our children was the evening we went to a Cleveland Indians game. It is a very busy place and you have to hurry across major roads. My husband and I both wore one child on our back and one on our front. We were just two parents with four kids under the age of 6, holding hands as we walked across a busy street, into the stadium and to our seats. There was no yelling or grabbing of run away kids - simply a nice walk to the ball game. We got lots of stares and lots of “that is so cool, where did you get those?” to which of course we responded “Snuggle Hugs”. Once the game was over we tied our children on, the little ones fell asleep and the big ones watched over our shoulders. We did not need to worry about them getting separated from us or anything bad happening to them. It was a wonderful evening all around.

Our first introduction to today’s cloth diaper was a bit unorthodox although the method was effective. I introduced my girlfriend to baby wearing which she grew to love almost as much as I do. One afternoon she showed up at my house without calling with a HUGE bag of cloth diapers. She told me “I’m not leaving until you have tried on everyone of these diapers.” She had prefolds, covers, fitted diapers, pocket diapers and All In Ones. She stayed for 6 hours letting my little one “test out” every one of the diapers she brought. Her tactic worked. I was sold. When my husband got home that night (yes she was still here) I said “Guess what we are going to start doing now Honey!?” Cloth diapers and baby wearing were my brand new passions. That afternoon was over 7 years ago and they both are still just as much a passion in my life.

Here at Snuggle Hugs we believe the family comes first in all areas of our life. We hope to be able to help you enjoy your parenting experience as much as we enjoy ours. We have had so much fun expanding our business to better serve the cloth diapering and baby wearing community. We hope you enjoy shopping at Snuggle Hugs as much as we have enjoyed shopping for Snuggle Hugs.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us, we look forward to seeing you soon.


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