Friday, June 4, 2010

The Poo Factor- Ick!!!

One of the biggest concerns with some of my local families first learning about cloth diapers is dealing with "poo." These are the couples who are pregnant with their first child and really don't understand how much mess they are in for no matter what choice of diapers they end up using.  Babies are simply messy, whether it's poo, spit up, food, drool, or something they're getting into.  

I have to say though, using a diaper sprayer has made using cloth diapers EASY! Exclusively breastfed poop is 100% water soluble.  That means, you don't need to do anything with the diaper, except throw it in the diaper pail.  No, you don't need to do a load of towels after washing cloth diapers.  No, you don't need to bleach out the inner basin of the washing machine.  It's a natural product coming from their body.

Now once you start feeding them solids or if you start supplementing with formula, the "solid" material on the diaper needs to be disposed in the toilet.  I HIGHLY recommend investing in a diaper sprayer.  Here's a review I've written on the diaper sprayer from our blog:

Product Review: bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

I've officially be using the diaper sprayer for about 10 months now and can honestly say this accessory is worth purchasing. The economical aspect of cloth diapers was our family's top priority when we first invested and I'm usually not an accessory person, so I was actually hoping now to like it. I was without the diaper sprayer for 19 months using cloth diapers and probably wouldn't have tried it, if I wasn't "testing" for business purposes....but I'll never go back! The #1 fear and reason families tell me they never tried or gave up on cloth diapers is the poop/mess factor.

Here are my top reasons I'm crazy about the sprayer:

1. Taking care of poopy diapers (no matter what consistency) is mess-free.

2. I don't dread poopy diapers and kinda look forward to using the sprayer.

3. I actually use LESS water with the sprayer, since it takes everything off so quickly. Without the sprayer, I admittedly had to flush the toilet a few times on those really messy diapers.

4. I have found many uses for the sprayer, besides diapers (e.g. cleaning the bathroom, cleaning our portable potty chair, spraying off my daughter after playing outside in the dirt, filling up buckets) Two others I've not tried but anticipate it working for: replacing a peri bottle postpartum and using it like a bidet spray.

5. My diapers seem to come out cleaner in the wash, since I'm able to rinse off so much of the diaper in the toilet.

6. It is super easy to install on your toilet. I installed it myself in under 20 minutes and it works great (no leaks, no calling the plumber from ruining the toilet).

7. The spray intensity can be adjusted, based on how strong or weak you want the flow.

 Two thumbs up from Ecological Babies

Jen Starks, Owner
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  1. I went a very long time without a sprayer.... once I got one, I couldn't believe I had held out for so long! They are great!

  2. How do you adjust the spray intensity? I have a BG sprayer and I'm having a lot of trouble with making a mess because the water sprays out too hard.

  3. hey Kayla! The lever used to turn it on is how it adjusts. If you only turn the lever a little bit, the pressure is less. If you open it all the way, it is more. Hope that makes sense!



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