Monday, June 7, 2010

Origins of 'The Diaper Diva Fold' & Photo Tutorial

I thought it might be cute to see how many of you have heard of 'The Diaper Diva Fold' and to fill you in on the details of how it got it's name and where.

I started my cloth diapering journey, or shall I say addiction, in about March of 2007. Almost immediately I started my business, began building my website and could be found daily online perusing the cloth diaper forums. In August of 2007 I started my Blog DiaperDiscussions and wanted to turn it into a resource for cloth diapering, basically a Cloth Diapering FAQ for my customers.

That same month I was on DiaperSwappers and came across a post by a mama named Shana, her username was Diaper Diva, and she was posting awesome photos of a prefold technique that she used. She was referring to the technique as the "no-fold fold."

I was so impressed by her awesome step by step photos that I decided I would take the plunge and ask her permission to use them on my site and blog. She agreed and I turned her photos into a tutorial. I named it the fold 'The Diaper Diva Fold!'

I remember jokingly telling her "you're going to be famous just you wait and see!" Now I can't help but giggle when I see mamas around the web asking about The Diva Fold and linking each other to my blog. It will always bring back memories for me and remind me of when I was a new business owner trying to add unique resources to my site.

Thank you Shana for taking such great pics and agreeing to let me use them!

Want to give The Diaper Diva Fold a try? Check out the photos below and give it a shot! Can be finished with either pins or a snappi.
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  1. How fun for an "upside down" diaper change :)



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