Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flip for the Flip

I have been cloth diapering for almost two solid years now. I use a mixture of different types of diapers, but mostly all-in-ones and pockets. I had not dabbled with prefolds very often until my daughter was born seven months ago. My customers raved about using prefolds with newborns. They are affordable and super easy to use. I gave it a try, but just didn't enjoy the apparant bulkiness they can present. Then I met the Flip system by Cotton Babies! Wow. I really, really like this system!

The day pack includes 2 one-size covers and 6 Stay-Dry, one-size inserts. You adjust the insert by folding the insert down to fit, and then laying it in the cover and tucking it in each end flap.

I was doubtful at first. How much can this trim insert really hold? Then my daughter had what normally would be considered a "blow out" in it. It WORKED! It held everything in.. and it stayed on the insert! How cool is that?

Now when your insert is wet or soiled, you just pull the insert out, put it in the diaper pail, and replace it with a new one. You can rotate covers to keep them fresh. I've found that it's a great solution for two in diapers to help save space in the diaper bag. I've also become a bit lazy with stuffing my pocket diapers and truly enjoy how easy this system is to use.

The other bonuses? Organic and disposable inserts are available as well! All around I give it two thumbs up!

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  1. How well does the Flip do with toddlers and staying in place?



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