Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fleece Liners: An Accessory that Multitasks

A customer recently sent me an e-mail interested in fleece liners, but wanted to know "exactly what they are for." She was trying to compile a list of diapering necessities. I recommending fleece liners quite often, but was still surprised when I compiled the list of all the reasons people use them.

~A stay dry liner
Prefolds are inexpensive, easy to clean, absorbent and durable. The downside? They hold wetness against the skin, which can irritate some babies. Fleece liners help to create a stay-dry barrier between baby's bottom and the prefold.

~Easy clean-up
For babies with sticky or messy bowel movements, fleece liners make clean-up easier. Whether dunking in the toilet or rinsing with a diaper sprayer, dealing with a small liner can be easier than grappling with a larger diaper.

~Diaper cream barrier
Some parents prefer to use diaper creams or need to apply medications that are not completely safe for cloth diapers. A fleece liner helps protect the diaper while allowing parents to apply cream to bottoms.

~Stain free diapers
For parents that prefer to keep the insides of their diapers pristine, a liner helps to prevent most solids from reaching the inner pocket.

~An inexpensive test
I recently had a customer whose baby had sensitive skin. She wanted to use pocket diapers, but was worried that the fleece inners may irritate her child. Instead of investing in some diapers, she bought a few fleece liners and laid them in her disposable diapers. Once she knew that the fleece wouldn't irritate the baby's skin, she was able to purchase a set of pocket diapers without worry!

So, are fleece liners a necessity? Not 'necessarily'. Many cloth diapering families get by fine without them. They are certainly useful, however. Since they are also inexpensive, it can be a good idea to have a couple around in case you need them.

How do you use fleece liners?

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