Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SoftBums- A Unique AI2 Diaper

During my cloth diaper adventure, I came across this incredible brand of diapers, SoftBums. I knew I just had to try them they were so intriguing! A diaper that can fit at birth-potty training, I just had to see how that was possible! At first glance, I wondered how in the world these can work. There are no snap down rise, just aplix closure. The way you adjust the SoftBums diaper is what makes this diaper truly unique. Inside the diaper, there is a small opening where you will find the Snuggers. This is how you adjust the diaper! You just tighten the elastic or loosen it! This elastic is patent pending technology for Snuggers provides adjustable leg elastic for legs 2”-14”. These diapers are truly one size fits all.

I use this diaper all the time. This is a great travel diaper as well. Since it is an AI2 (All in Two) diaper, you reuse the shell. Each Basic Pack comes with 1 cover, 3 inserts, and 1 newborn doubler. I can get 3 uses out of the cover before washing it! So when your child goes to the bathroom, you just remove the soiled insert and snap in a new one! This is why I use this all the time! I have this diaper in my diaper bag. When we travel, I bring a few covers and a lot of inserts. It cuts back on the amount of items I have to take with me. You can even use the cover with other uses as well.

This diaper is incredibly trim! It is one of the trimmest diapers I have ever seen. You can choose from two insert options: Dry Touch (microfiber with quick dry fleece on top) or Organic Bamboo. SoftBums also just released a Super Dry Touch which is great for nighttime or naptime. The price range is $36.95-$52.95 depending on what inserts you choose. So that is only $12.32-$17.65 per diaper change!


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  1. love love these diapers. I started them on my 5 wk old at 9 days. my potty trained 3 yr old likes to wear them for fun. talk about one size fits all. and soft and cute.

  2. Retailers in Canada don't seem to carry them anymore. It is a shame that we miss out on great diapers!



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