Thursday, June 24, 2010

All in Ones

Hi! I am Coleen, mom to 11 (soon to be 12) and owner of Sweet Little Blessings. I think
I would have to say that all in ones are my favorite type of diaper. I know they take
longer to dry, but they are so easy to use! All one piece...just like a disposable!

Not too long ago it was time to replace all of our cloth diapers. They had been used on several children and were worn out. I had collected quite a variety of diapers, but most of my stash was pocket diapers. After years of stuffing diapers for more than one baby, I decided I needed a break! Sometimes I've had 3 in diapers at once and that is ALOT of stuffing! After thinking about all the options, I decided to go with mostly all in ones. I love them! I don't have to reach in and pull out a wet insert, just toss them in the wash. I even hang my diapers to dry and I really don't think it takes that long. The all in ones are usually dry in about 24 hours when I hang them in our basement and in only a few hours outside. Besides, it is really a good idea to have plenty of diapers in your stash so they don't wear out as fast. When the diapers are dry, no more matching up the inserts with the diaper and stuffing them! I can just fold them in half and put them away. Quick and easy!

I love the fact most all in ones are sized diapers and provide a nice trim fit even on a newborn. Not to mention that extra small diapers are so cute! All in ones work well on my little guys for naps. At night, I just add a doubler or stuff a Baby Kicks Joey Bunz in the pocket. I rarely have problems with leaks. For those of you who like one size diapers, bumGenius Organic all in ones are a great choice.

I also really like the all in two system and have added a few of those to my stash as well. Just snap on the insert and you are ready to go. I do use pocket diapers sometimes, but I seem to always grab the all in ones first!


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