Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eco-friendly Toys

Hi mamas(and papas)! My name is Christy, I am the owner of Gorgeous and Green. I started my company a little over a year ago. I have a small store in my home about 40 minutes northeast of Baltimore, MD.
Along with using cloth diapers there are many things I do to try and minimize my family’s negative effect on our Earth and live more naturally. Among those are cloth diapering, composting, making our own cleaners and detergents and buying Eco-friendly toys. That’s what I’m focusing on today!
Our babies start off in cloth diapers, and then the next thing they start to do is play with toys! So, when I wanted to expand on my store and what products I have, my first desire was to offer toys that are safe, imagination encouraging and built with the environment in mind. I feel that these things are an important part of a more natural and Earth-loving lifestyle. I know that my customers feel the same way and I wanted to be able to offer them these items. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found Green Toys and Sprig Toys! Both of these companies make their toys with all the features I was looking for as well as being superbly manufactured out of recycled materials. Plus they are all super fun!!

Green Toys are made out of recycled milk jugs right here in the US. They have toys from ages 6mos+. Sprig Toys are made from Sprigwood, which is recycled plastic and recycled wood, and their toys are for 3yrs+. All of the toys from these two companies are paint-free, battery-free, child powered toys. They require movement and imagination from the child, which helps keep our children active while playing! So let's say "no!" to all those cheap toys that light up and are remote controlled and say "YES!!" to toys that encourage physical and imaginative play!

Have a green day!!
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