Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Blues With This Denim Diaper

It's no secret that cloth diapers are cuter than disposable diapers. While it's not the main reason why parents choose cloth, it is a nice benefit. Disposable companies may also have taken notice of cloth's cuteness, judging from last year's releases of "designer" and "denim" diapers.

Mommy's Touch has taken the cuteness to a whole new level, however. With the new Baby Blues Denim line it's possible to enjoy a denim diaper that's both adorable and resusable.

Available in all style lines (all in one, pocket, cover, trainer), the denim diaper features brass-colored snaps and a dimensional rear pocket. As cute as they are in the picture, they are even better in person!

Mommy's Touch one size Baby Blues Denim cloth diaper is the perfect diaper as we near warmer weather. This is one diaper that you definitely won't want to cover up.
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