Thursday, January 20, 2011

Duo Decisions!

Thirsties diaper company has produced a great line of diapers and accessories.. all with the name Duo. A few of my customers have had some confusion over which "Duo" is the best option for them. In this post I will attempt to lay it all out for you and hopefully help you decide which Thirsties option will work for you and your baby!
The Duo Wrap - The "Duo" that started it all! The Duo Wrap is a diaper cover that is designed in two sizes instead of the traditional four (XS, S, M, L). Duo means two sizes.. size one and size two. The Duo Wrap is available in snap or velcro, and prints or solid colors.

The Duo Diaper - The Duo Diaper is a type of pocket diaper that is available in size one or size two. It comes with a two part insert made of microfiber terry and hemp, with seven layers of absorption. The outer sleeve has two openings which allow the insert to agitate out in the wash, which makes this diaper super easy to use. No pulling wet inserts out before placing the diaper in the pail! An excellent diaper all the way around. The Duo Diaper is available in prints and solid colors as well.

The Duo Fab Fitted - The Duo Fab Fitted is a two sized fitted diaper, which means that it does require a diaper cover to be waterproof. These fitted diapers are extremely soft on baby and very absorbant. I like using these without covers when we are home so that I can see as soon as baby is wet. The new Duo design allows you to add additional inserts to the diaper for naptime or nighttime. The Duo Fab Fitted is available in velcro or snap. Pair this with the Duo Wrap and you have an adorable combo!

The Stay Dry Duo Insert - This insert an excellent, trim option to use in your Duo Wrap. The insert is comprised of two pieces - one is made of microfiber with a stay dry microfleece top, and the other is a hemp insert made of 5 layers. One of my customers tried these with a baby who had diaper rash problems and her diaper rash cleared up quickly. Truly an excellent insert! Available in size one and size two.

The Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold - Made of soft hemp jersey, this prefold allows for a more trim design in two different sizes. The Duo Hemp Prefolds allow for maximum air flow and minimal drying time. A great option to pair with a Duo Wrap!

So there you have it! I hope that this post helps to explain a bit about all the different Duo options from Thirsties. You can view all of these Thirsties Duo options on my site, Another great reason to try Thirsties? All of their products are made in the USA!!



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