Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shopping with Us Vs. Box Stores like Walmart

In this economy, I understand how families are struggling financially, struggling to make ends meet.  We're also in an era where we can check for the cheapest price at the convenience of our home using the internet.  Sure you might find a "deal" or lower price at the box stores but let's take a look at the bigger picture.

When you support family-operated businesses like Ecological Babies and all the other retailers in our cooperative, you actually get more value to your purchase.  We offer personal guidance, education, and support.  When you make a purchase, chances are you'll actually be contacted by the owner thanking you personally for your purchase.  Do you get that in Target, Babies R Us, etc?

Love babies?  Most of us (if not all) in this cooperative have them running behind the computer screen and on the other end of the phone line.  When you support us, you're helping us to provide for our families. Many us of (including me) works directly from my home, operating mainly when our 2 kiddos are sleeping.

So I encourage you to be a conscious consumer.  Look behind the curtain and ask yourself, who am I supporting.  Value what we offer for you because we might not always be here.  It's our pleasure serving you and getting you know you and your family.  This is why we do it- the personal side of the business.  Honestly!

Happy Freedom Day!


Jen Starks
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  1. This makes me very happy that I buy from places that actually care. I rarely buy things for DS at big stores anymore and have found that when I buy from the little places, they always contact me back, asking if I received it, how I like it and things like that. I never receive an automated call or a automatic_no_reply email. Thank you WAHM's.

  2. Jen

    Very well said.

    Try asking an associate at Walmart how to wash your cloth diapers, and you will likely get told to use something like Dreft, and you will ruin your diapers by doing so. At least coming to retailers like us, you will get a good answer!

    We do care about our customers. In fact many of my customers have become my good friends.

    Sharni of Nappy Shoppe

  3. Well... if you went in to our Wal-Mart and asked how to wash your cloth diapers (assuming you asked the red headed guy standing near the laundry detergent aisle) you'd be told to go home and buy yourself some Rockin' Green and use lots of water. :) We do shop at Wal-Mart for a lot of our groceries (everything but beef that we buy grassfed by the quarter and produce from our local farmer's market) and for things like toilet paper. For diapers, baby carriers, toys and other things like that though it's absolutely small businesses, either online or local! I figure I'm doing my part taking the money DH earns at Wal-Mart and funneling it back into the smaller end of the economy.



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